Weekly Vlog #3 || Get Ready With Me

I can’t believe I have gotten to a point in my vlogging where I finished editing this video ahead of schedule! I usually edit it on a Monday morning and publish it by noon. However, I have a couple of footage from this week alone that I can use for two vlogs. Yay!

Anyway, here we go with this week’s video! I decided to do a [supposedly] quick ‘get ready with me’ video which ended up being too long for my liking. I can’t imagine how people actually do this for a living – it’s real hard work. I got so tired talking in front of the camera by myself. I also took longer because I went ahead and rambled my way through the video. 😛

We currently have a storm ongoing while I write this post, and I’ve gotten the sniffles from being out and about while it was raining (no umbrellas). I hope everyone’s safe and dry!

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