About Teesh

Aspiring lottery winner and Taylor Swift apologist.

I’m Teesh (or Trisha, depending on when/how we met), living a life of big and small [mis]adventures within and beyond 7,107 islands.

I started writing about all the utter nonsense about my life in 2008 over on Tumblr while I was completing my degree in Computer Engineering. It was an online diary of sorts, and I found that having friends over the internet could be fun (sometimes, more fun than real life). I have luckily matured over the years from a whiny teenager to a somewhat responsible adult (just got my degree!), and this online journal is a testament to that. Now that I’m working in the IT industry, I treat blogging as one of my passion projects, along with baking and traveling.

I document my dog’s life in photos, rant about inaccurate film adaptations of my favorite books and my real-life nightmare is getting stuck in Manila traffic on rainy days. I plan to spend the rest of my time (and hard-earned money) seeing the rest of the world, eating as much as I can without getting fat (hopefully), concocting sweets, and writing about it in between. I’m open to trying anything at least once in this lifetime.

Added in 2022: This bio has been my bio since Tumblr (a decade ago!) but I’m now a business owner too! Fun times – check out sad girl scents

Travel Bucketlist
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • South America (Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Galapagos Islands)
  • Travel to 10 different countries with my IT money (Completed by December 2016)
Experience Bucketlist
  • Skydiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia
  • Eat tapas in Spain
  • Wine tasting in Paris or Italy
  • Added in January 2020: 10 months single now so maybe a travel romance fling