Designer Blooms Cafe

The interiors which I found cute amidst to C snickering and saying ‘hipster’ under his breath
The interiors which I found cute amidst to C snickering and saying ‘hipster’ under his breath

I have not put in so much effort in cleaning out my Drafts folder.. and it’s fairly obvious with the number of items getting published without content. For that, I’m truly sorry – especially to those who even sent messages to ask whether I posted it by mistake. 😦 Normally, after posting my travel vlog of sorts, I’ll proceed with the rest of my travel posts. But for now, I’ll make an exception and continue with the rest of the items I still have queued. Trying to stop procrastination is an internal uphill battle that I’m determined to win, so hang in there, my blog-reading friends! 😀


Buffalo Tenders with Blue Cheese Dressing + Truffle Mac & Cheese

So many things have happened since this post, and I’m saying this because I’VE BEEN KHALEESI and back y’all. I went to the beach the day after getting my hair dyed, and spent a few days swimming in beaches, rivers, lakes, etc. – to find that my white hair has turned into this pale yellow color. The photo below is totally unrelated to this food post, but this is how white my hair was prior to swimming with the whale sharks in Cebu.

Oh well. I mention this because I remember getting a hair cut when I was still Barbie-blonde and getting C to try this cafe out upon my insistence. I have wanted to try out this florist turned cafe ever since they opened a branch in Alabang Town Center, but then it closed down to make way for Pink Berry. Fortunately, there’s a branch in Molito. A few pouts and puppy dog eyes did the trick for C, and off we go! I did enjoy my order because you’d have to really suck to mess up mac & cheese in my opinion. Haha! I do think the price is a bit steep, with the price range going to Php 300-400 per person. I like spending on food, but I’d like to get my money’s worth (the basis for this is relative so it really varies). The place is cute, though, and the staff is very attentive which is something I like as well. 🙂




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