K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil 1 Day Tattoo

Hello! I’m typing this while I’m half awake in bed.. if you must know (I’m aware that you don’t but indulge me), in an attempt to get my ass to write every day, I went ahead and put everything from my drafts in queue. A day after doing so, I totally forgot all about it and I had to modify the post before this because it got published without any text at all! Ooops, my bad! 🙂




When I got my hair bleached and dyed blonde, I had to up my make up game since the blonde hair kind washes me out and enhances the flaws on my face. Boo! Aside from having to adjust to putting make up on every time I go out of the house, I had to switch eyebrow products as well as the one I own was too dark. I bought the lightest shade for this one from Beauty Bar for a discounted price that I no longer remember (selective memory retention meh).




It does serve its purpose of filling in my brows. I use the pencil applicator to outline my eyebrows and fill in with powder. However, you have to be careful in dispensing the pencil product because it’s very soft and breaks easily (click the second to the last photo to enlarge). I also had a bit of a hard time trying to create precise edges (like makeup artists do), because the pencil is not that sharp. Whenever I’m leaning towards the more natural look, though, I forego the use of pencil and lightly apply the powder instead. It’s very easy to use which is why I stuck with it until it ran out.. I did not restock though because I moved on to MUFE’s eyebrow product. 😛


(I suck at make up reviews, I’m sorry)

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