Siem Reap 2015 || Bayon

Hello I’m back and I’m gushing and you can just imagine me talking in a single breath because our internet connection finally cooperated and I’M BACK BITCHES.

Forgive me for calling all you female dogs, but it truly has been a while since I last wrote anything that had a significant word count that wasn’t some draggy work mail or an angry message for all the Voldemorts out there whose nose can be found in my business. I guess it’s pretty hard to understand where I’m at right now – my days are for working (and I try to slay at it) and my nights are partially for sleeping and tending to mom. The same goes for both my siblings, and it has set the three of us constantly on edge. Being in between jobs (for two days now haha) has given me a teensy bitsy bit of a breathing room – although I’m still all sorts of exhausted (physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, you name it) because both our helpers are on vacation – and had allowed me to turn down my rage mode a notch lower.

Writing about the early morning tour I spent in Bayon is refreshing in a way. A lot has changed over the course of six months. My hair is not this color anymore, the bags under my eyes have been promoted to series regular for this season, and I have had a thrilling/terrifying roller coaster ride of emotions. No complaints there, though, because I have learned to just suck it up and adapt the “do no harm but take no shit” attitude.

Since it was early, I had first dibs on taking photos inside the temple. Aside from the occasional sighting of temple staff, I had the place to myself. The sad thing about it was no tour groups with tour guides I can listen in on, but TOURIST FREE PHOTOS FOR THE WIN. I identify myself as a travel enthusiast, a mix between tourist and traveler, so I can’t judge the array of people flocking to tourist sites. Hey, I went on one myself! But it’s so much easier not having to deal with people who photobomb you (or whatever you have your camera pointed at) at every corner.

Bayon is located in the Angkor Thom complex, the capital city of the Khmer Empire.

It had hundreds of stone faces of Lokesvara facing in all four directions.

It was an imposing structure with a LOT of stairs. I made the mistake of wearing an extra long maxi skirt that day and I had to tie it up to scale uneven stairs to some of the areas. One of the guards told me the view is fantastic up one of the “towers” in the first level of the temple, so I used my entire body climbing up (some of the steps were missing), and literally held on for my dear life, while he watched me from his post.

I was exhilarated when I got to the top and it wasn’t even that high, maybe fifteen feet tops, but the effort it took to get there made the view worthwhile (read: lack of upper body strength). I have no photo because I had my camera in my bag when I climbed and was more concerned that I’d drop it if I take it out. I need that camera contact lenses they have in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (that scene in Burj Khalifa where they have a printer in the briefcase… okay, I have started rambling. Put a lid on it, self!).

Spotted: the occasional staff I mentioned earlier.

I would like to argue that I am not vain and I’m only here for the size reference.. but I totally am so there.

Found wooden stairs – hallelujah!

I’m not sure if this is an active temple, but there were freshly burned incense so I will move on from the thought by assuming that it is.

It was truly a morning well spent. I wish I could write more about this temple like I did with the previous posts, but you guys know I gain my information by freeloading over paying tourists with guides. I prefer writing from memory (this is a test for myself, okay) and not search for information from the internet because if that’s the case, everyone can just do that. Right? :p

I am posting this without proofreading due to the eagerness of getting out a blog post so leave a comment below if you find any boo boos. I also have queued posts for the entire month of November and I’m so excited about the possibility of cleaning out my backlog. I swear, if you can see me right now, I am actually smiling to that thought. 🙂 Bye-on. (I’ll show myself out now)

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