Vietnam-Cambodia Travel Vlog

Hi guys! I’m back in the Philippines and have shed off my angst overseas. If you were following me on instagram (@teeshue), I hope I did not annoy any of you with my daily lengthy updates on my life. I also got surprised with the Tumblr notifications that pops up whenever I get the chance to connect to the internet because.. hello to 40 new followers. Where did you all come from?? I am not complaining though but I have never had that much people follow me in the span of 2 weeks (unfortunately, I’m not popular haha). Thank you for following and drop me a message if you want to talk! 🙂

Anyway, here’s a 7-minute video of 2 weeks and four cities where I got 100 pimples and 3 shades darker. I forget to take videos/photos on most days.. admittedly, I think it’s for the better because I was more in the moment than the need to document everything (it’s also pretty hard to take videos of yourself though this video just proves I don’t need a monopod :D). The only thing I documented religiously during this trip was my expenses – down to the last dollar/dong. Hahaha!

I used Yuna’s songs since I have been listening to her albums on repeat while traveling. I love the vibe of her songs since it’s very empowering and lively. The music videos are brilliant as well and I love all her outfits (turban peg!!!). I was only going to use Rescue, “Yeah, she’s got life in her veins, she don’t need no rescuing, she’s okay. That girl is you yeah and that girl is me, that girl is stronger than the raging sea.“ but had a bit more of video left so I added Come Back (brilliant outfit and perfect LDR song if you ask me haha) as well since it covered Siem Reap where I spent 4 days before I came back home.

I can’t thank my parents enough for being very supportive by letting me live my own life (the amount of “I’m surprised your parents let you do that” I have gotten when I’m already 23 is surprising). And C for being the best boyfriend ever for accepting that I will always wander off to who knows where because I can’t seem to stay still (and all the airport drop offs and pickups and flowers and welcome home signs hahahaha).

So yay, for solo trips! I will write about this trip soon. I just have more than a thousand photos on my camera that I have not yet gone through and yet I’m already planning my next trip lol. How about you, where do you plan to go next?

Cupcake Girl Goes Solo in Vietnam+Cambodia

Hanoi Scammed on my first night in Vietnam || Ice cream for lunch because prison visits are exhausting || Museums for women will PHO-rever make me happy || Drenched in revolution, history, and a little bit of rain || Be water, my friend || Chocolate for breakfast || Fundamental change via ultimate orgasm || It’s a dog eat human world|| #KathNielHanoi || Social behavior and Social Club || Bye, Hanoi

Huế Wherever you are, be all there || Hue Riders || I did it my Huế || Huế to go!|| The Huế I am

Ho Chi Minh Slept my way to Ho Chi Minh (and my first Airbnb experience) || Saigon Hotpot and getting lost with strangers || The Foodie || Mekong Delta || Cu Chi Tunnels (and my lack of upper body strength) || Good night, Vietnam

Siem Reap Cambana d’Angkor Suites || Preah Khan || Preah Neak Pean & Ta Som || East Mebon & Pre Rup || Banteay Kdei & Phnom Bakheng Sunset || Angkor Wat Sunrise || Bayon || Angkor Thom || Ta Keo & Ta Prohm || Angkor WHAT NOW?

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