Cebu 2014 || Plaza Independencia + Fort San Pedro

UPDATE: My life has been too hectic I keep forgetting to update this posts before it gets published. Huhuhu. To start off this post if a photo of my room after a nice long sleep. 🙂

The free breakfast that comes with my accommodation is a buffet breakfast at Rica’s. To keep up with the theme of the hotel, the restaurant is kept as quirky! I honestly wanted to try out the high chairs, but I was all alone and it was a big table.

So I settled for a booth instead. The staff here is very helpful also. I requested for an omelet and orange juice (they only had mango juice on display), and got the first and declined the offer to get the latter because nakakahiya naman!

After an hour and a half of hoarding on portions of bacon, I did a selfie to check my makeup which led to more selfies. Haha!

Since I was alone, I used Pinay Solo Backpacker’s  A Guide to Old Cebu Walking Tour which kicked off at Plaza Independencia.

Fort San Pedro is adjacent to the plaza. The entrance fee is at Php 30.

There were a lot of ongoing photo shoots when I was there. Can you imagine posing in that heat?!

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