Suitecation at Infinity Tower Suites + Eating our way through Makati

I already had a draft of this post just sitting there, waiting for me to fill the gaps with words, for almost a week now. However, before I even got to doing so, the stats on my old posts kicked up for some reason. I had been putting off updating them because there were a lot, but since I was getting comments on some of them, I knew I had to go back and do a clean up of sorts. I went and deleted most of them that were basically just a college student’s rants, and my posts went down from 700+ to 275. I also worked on updating the posts with missing photos (such as the ones from a 2013 travel series/my first foray with a Schengen visa) and even got to upload a video of old clips with it. I’m now working on another old travel series where C and I went to Singapore for my birthday. Thank goodness I have the long weekend to work on this. Now all I need is another staycation, and this weekend would really take a turn for the better.

Last weekend, we did just that. I bought a Dealgrocer voucher for a room in Makati and booked one for me and the sibs. Since all of us had different schedules, last weekend was the only one we could free up without it being a holiday/long weekend, and totally avoid the crowds. When we got to Makati, the first thing we did was go to Glorietta for a little shopping. C was busy with weekend work, but we had lunch together at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Makati. Every time I didn’t work from home and worked the night shift in the office, we make it a point to have breakfast. We often end up here or Crepe Amelie, so we decided to have the sibs try it out too. Both siblings had Crispy Corned Beef, C had his usual New Zealand Beef Tapa, and I ordered my favorite Tuyo Flakes with Kesong Puti. We all had Scramble after our meal, to try and beat the heat.

We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite at Infinity Tower Suites. It was huge and looked more like a condo than a hotel room. The master bedroom had its own bathroom and too many cabinets for a hotel room. Honestly, if I had a condo, this would be how big I want it to be (but it would be too expensive and I’d just buy a house instead lol), and the location is great as well. It’s located in the heart of Makati’s business district, and would be perfect for anyone who works within the area. You can just bike or walk to your workplace! That’s what I would do if I lived there.

The master bathroom had a tub, although it was a little faulty since it drains slowly even while it’s plugged. The bathroom does look dated though.

The common bathroom looked even more dated than the master bathroom. It did function properly, although the bidet in this toilet had a super strong pressure.

The other bedroom had two single beds where the siblings slept in. All of the rooms had the AC temperature control panel, but the entire flat was really cold no matter how much we fiddled with it.

The kitchen was equipped with a fridge, an old electric stove top oven (you can tell it has been used countlessly in the past), a microwave, and complete utensils. We were weirded out by the door here and found out that it leads to a laundry room, and the maid’s quarters.

The living area had a huge 2-piece lounge set and a small dining table.

I bought a bath bomb from LUSH to use on the tub! I never knew how amazing they were but even if I had a tub at home, it would be too expensive to use it.

After spending the afternoon filling ourselves with junk food and binge watching movies, we headed to BGC with C to have dinner in Genki Sushi. It’s unfortunate that Japanese cuisine in this country is a bit on the pricey side. I wish I can crave for sushi and sashimi anytime I want and not worry about my wallet. What’s special about Genki Sushi is the automated ordering system and the food train that delivers your food.

When we got back, we spent the night hanging out again with drinks and ice cream! Even though we all live in the same house, we don’t really see each other often because of our conflicting schedules. I work the night shift, my brother attends the university, and my sister still works on her academic prowess even during summer vacation. *cough nerd cough*

The next morning, I was lying in bed thinking what our breakfast would be at The Wholesome Table. I knew it was an organic restaurant so I decided on eating an ice cream cookie sandwich before we headed down there. I know, I know. For someone who is trying to eat healthily, I eat so much junk.

Our stay in Infinity Tower Suites comes with free set breakfast in The Wholesome Table. It’s an organic restaurant and the interior is heavily inspired by nature. It uses wood, fake plants, and warm lighting. There were floor to ceiling windows to let natural light in, and tons of flora outside these windows to complete the one with nature feel of the restaurant. The decor is dreamy and similar to how I would decorate the breakfast nook on my future forever home. As hotel guests, you get a one-page menu to order your set breakfast from. The selection was understandably limited compared to their actual menu.

C and I both had the Meat & Eggs Plate. Our meat was our choice of Nitrate-free Bacon, scrambled free-range eggs, and breakfast salad. To be completely honest, everything tasted okay although all I could think of while eating was that it could use a little more salt. But that’s just me and my taste buds. My brother had their Gluten-Free Lemon Yogurt Pancake, while my sister had their Gluten-Free Waffles. Both came with coconut vanilla butter and raw honey. I’ve had quite a lot of vegetarian, vegan, and, organic meals in my life (I am fascinated by them), but this was, unfortunately, my least favorite.

He was not happy with me when I told him where we were having breakfast

We wanted to have dessert after our meal and went out in search for something sweet. I initially thought that the Salcedo Weekend Market was open on Sundays and it was a short walk from where we were, so we headed there. But I was mistaken, and our search ended with the suggestion of going to another of C and I’s favorite breakfast places. Crepe Amelie has been an establishment that we frequent for years now, and I can order from them without looking at their menu. Their floor to ceiling windows are similar to the ones on The Wholesome Table, and this is actually where we conceptualized that we wanted a breakfast nook with great windows to let the morning sun in.

Our Pink Lemonade came into this cute honeycomb glasses. Can I just say that I really want to own a set?

My brother was still not full from the meal so he had the BLT sandwich. I think I may have already mentioned before that my sister and C have the SAME preferences in food, and she ordered C’s favorite, Banana PB & Nutella Crepe. C and I shared his because we were both already a bit full and didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves with food.

After our lengthy breakfast, we headed back to our room to pack our things up, while C headed back to his office to work on a Sunday. Boo! The reception called 30 minutes before checkout to remind us of their checkout time, but I decided to stay inside the room on the dot. Haha! After getting our incidental deposit back, we headed to SM Makati for some more window shopping and then to MINISO for some actual shopping before heading home. I ended up with three of MINISO’s Php 99 eyeshadow trios, cotton pads, and phone cases. $2 shopping is so much fun!

Overall, our stay in Infinity Tower Suites was a success as our main goal was to relax. I guess it is value for money if you’re just looking for a serviced residence somewhere you can crash and not clean up afterward. The location in Salcedo Village is ideal if you plan on exploring both upscale side of Makati, and the booming foodie area of Poblacion. However, I am betting that for the price we paid for it in DealGrocer (Php 6900+), you can get a nicer room via Airbnb (this is an affiliate link where I can earn travel credits when you sign up via that link and book a place).

The long weekend is almost over! How did you spend it? 🙂

Tacos Chingones




As I mentioned from this post, C and I are ticking off restaurants from a list we found online. Imagine our surprise when we found out that this mobile truck for tacos is right beside Som’s? As of writing, C and I have already been here a lot of times already and have tried out all the taco flavors! My personal favorites are Chicharones, Al Pastor, and Pollo de Chipotle. It’s pretty affordable at Php 60/taco or Php 170/3 tacos. However, soda and water prices are a bit steep (Php 50/can). They have limited seating too, and people tend to hang out so there’s that. Overall, C and I loved it!


Cafe Breton

Tuna Salad Sandwich
Chicken Run
Original Sin

Hiii everyone! How’s your first working day for 2016? 🙂 Having asked that, I realized how much my blog grew with me. At least half the people I interact with here in Tumblr have been my online friends since I was still in the university. I remember how we all had this collective hatred of Mondays, or how we vent about dreadful subjects.. We exchanged online shop details on where to get the best deal for makeup and clothes. You guys read about my struggle to find a job, I read about everyone else’s problems as well. And recently I realized that the same people have gotten married and are starting their own families. It’s wonderful to think that I witnessed all of your lives unfold, albeit in a virtual way, and you guys have done the same with mine! How exciting!

So yep, I guess that it’s sufficient to say that I enjoy people watching – a less intrusive (a bit stalker-ish haha) way of watching people live their lives. Cafe Breton in Greenbelt has the perfect vantage point for this kind of shenanigan, that C and I spend so much time hanging out there when we just want to chill. Oh, and their crepes are nice too! 😉


As I mentioned from this post, C and I are ticking off restaurants from a list we found online. It’s actually funny that we ALWAYS pass by SALT since it’s near his office, but we never went to investigate. Due to the list, we tried a couple of Mondays to find the restaurant closed.. only to learn later that it’s closed on Mondays. Hahahaha!

Country Fried Chicken (Php 180)
Onion Rings
Grilled Tuna (Php 220)
Caesar Salad to go

I think what’s nice about this restaurant is it got known by word of mouth. It’s located in the middle of a residential slash red light district – and the exterior is a house with a simple sign outside that says SALT. The food itself is great, considering the huge servings as well as the affordable prices (cost per person ranges from Php 150-300). Everything was pretty simple, no gimmicks, just good food. It’s quite refreshing. We didn’t get to try their desserts though because we were so full already, but I had the Caesar Salad to go for work. Maybe next time we’ll try their sweets? 🙂


Beni’s Falafel + Crepe Amelie

C and I are always hanging out in the Poblacion area and have managed to single out the places that were our favorite. Whenever we couldn’t think of any new restaurants to try out, we end up with ones that have been tried and tested already. We decided to have dinner at Beni’s Falafel, and C was very happy with it until he found out that it’s all veggies. Hahaha!

Falafel from Beni’s Falafel

We capped off the night with dessert at Crepe Amelie. The interior of Crepe Amelie had always been inviting, especially in the mornings (they open at 7 AM), and we actually have it as an inspiration for our future house’s breakfast nook. 🙂

Crepe from Crepe Amelie
Crepe from Crepe Amelie


Café Mary Grace




I had a one week gap of unemployment which I utilized between completing my pre-employment requirements and relaxing. I had a first-hand glimpse of C’s daily life by hanging out with him (as his personal assistant haha). We both had laptops with us since he can work anywhere (most of the time), and I binge watch OTWOL or any other series while he does so. As much as the corporate life pays (relatively) well, a long-term goal would be to find something where I have control over my own time and I am my own boss. Isn’t that everyone’s dream anyway? 🙂


Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

C and I are usually in the Poblacion area where his office is nearby. So listicle lover me made this one some sort of checklist (5 out of 15 as of writing). Haha! I know this is a vague description, but being in Crying Tiger gave us the feeling of being smack right in the middle of hipsterville. I guess it was all those multicolored bulbs, giving off the old Asian movie bar scene lighting, above colorful steel (?) chairs and wooden tables. There are wooden crates attached to the wall behind the bar that serves both as a décor and as an alcohol cabinet of some sort. Brightly painted walls, plastic floral plates for your food, and a blackboard menu wall, seemingly all the Asian themes in one place. Haha!

Tofu dish which I totally forgot the name of

The food is great, although a tad spicy.. and by spicy, I meant that I was Taylor Swift in the second half of Blank Space, mascara all over my face, by the time I was done with my tofu dish. It was that spicy! Chicken boy enjoyed his Thai Fried Chicken, and he gave me a piece to try but I can’t taste anything because my taste buds were on fire. Haha!

Gai Tod (Php 180)

As we were walking back to where he parked his car, we passed by a Korean grocery and I insisted on buying ice cream to soothe my taste buds. It was yummy!

Korean ice cream sandwich (Php 50)

Casa de Celo

Good restaurants here in Cavite (excluding the Tagaytay area) are few and far in between. When supermarkets and malls started popping up everywhere in the last ten years, a number of local and international food chains followed and before we know it, we had Starbucks and Yellow Cab a jeepney ride away (background: I have lived in this province all my life, where for a good 15 years or so, Max’s Restaurant was where everything took place – birthdays, baptisms, wedding receptions, graduation celebrations, you name it). Finding somewhere to eat is now an easy feat, but discovering gems still took so much time and effort.

One day, while C and I were driving around Cavite, I went on the internet and searched for ‘places to eat near me’ and used my location. Google returned Casa de Celo as its first search result so off we go (thank you Waze!).

Cordon Bleu

The restaurant had a relaxed ambiance, which is perfect for casual dining. The prices were affordable (I could not find a menu online but prices may be Php 150-300/person which is not bad), and chicken boy has mentioned the other day how he wants to go back for their Oriental Chicken. Enough said!

Oriental Chicken
Oriental Chicken

We’re always looking for places to eat in Cavite. Any recommendations? 🙂

(Dear mom, it’s Day 21. I am relatively fine, but there are times where I get so torn. If some magical being grants me a chance to be able to talk to you one last time, I’m not quite sure about the choice I will make. Where do I start? What do I say? I’m afraid there are so many things I wish I could tell you, and so many questions I wish I could ask, but you’re in peace now and I do not want to take that away from you. I know you, you would never haunt us or our house – and if you do, it’s probably to prank us which is something you enjoy doing to your children (remember the tomato juice prank? Happy times.). But that’s not the point of this story.

I worked from home last night since I was on mid-shift and the weather was so bad. I was getting testy because I couldn’t figure something out, and C who worked from here as well approached me to calm me down. He noticed the tension emanating from my siblings when my mood started to go all over the place. Later that night, as I start to pack up my work stuff and go through all my mental notes in case I forgot something, I stumble upon that moment and was surprised that I ‘marked’ it as something I would tell you when I get home. Yes, I was technically already home, and by packing I meant shutting down my work laptop and putting it back inside my work bag. But my day usually ends after our daily talks where I tell you about my day once I get home. You would have laughed and told me to be nice to C, ‘isipin mo yun, kinakaya nya yang nga sumpong mo’, and gently remind me to keep my temper in check.

Only to realize that I will never get those moments back. No more text messages in the middle of the day to ask me about dinner. There will never be a time where I get home from vacation in the wee hours of the morning, to you waiting up and helping me unpack my things while I tell you all about it. No more Viber messages with photos of my dogs’ latest shenanigans, advice about traffic, or when the . We will never have long bus rides to wherever you planned our next destination to ever again, where I will take embarrassing photos of you sleeping with your mouth open. I will never get to tell you all the memorable moments I encounter during the day, the latest gossip, or something C told me that made me really think. Our last conversation will always be “mom, may kailangan ka pa ba?”, “wala na”, “alis na ako ha, papasok na ako sa office”, “okay”, after tucking you in bed and kissing your cheek goodbye. And you will forever close your eyes and I will never get to talk to you again.)

Mad Mark’s Creamery & Good Eats

So the best friend and I met up for an advance birthday dinner of sorts (yes, this is how far back this post is) and ended up at Mad Mark’s. Whenever I look back at all the times that I went here for dinner, I’m always with friends. It’s crazy! I also never leave without having to adjust the waist band of whatever it is I’m wearing that day. I’ve always enjoyed the potato sides, so there’s that. 🙂

Signature Steak with Bootstrap Steak Sauce + Smashed Potato + Bacon Potato Salad
Signature Steak with Bootstrap Steak Sauce + Smashed Potato + Bacon Potato Salad
Half Baked Madagascar ice cream

(On another note, today is Day 12. The past 12 days, I have gotten TONS of hugs, it’s not even funny. I’m not very comfortable with physical contact with people I’m not close with. I swear I feel like this has desensitized me. Also, I want to laugh at people’s faces when they ask me how I am. I think I have literally been asked how I am as much as I have been embraced by someone, it has started to become annoying. Do you really want me to answer that question for you?)

Top Dish Korean Restaurant

Chicken boy being chicken boy, asked me to try out Top Dish with him, knowing that I adore Korean food. Apparently, their sweet and spicy chicken dish is top and he wanted to try it for himself. We parked somewhere in General Luna street, before walking towards this restaurant. We got a little lost since you have to enter through a ‘kitchen’ of some sorts – not your usual restaurant setting. C thought the chicken tasted better than most Korean food chains (Bon Chon anyone), but not great enough to crave for it. Within the Poblacion area, Jumong still is the top Korean restaurant for us. 🙂

Yangnyoum chicken and bibimbap