Neil’s Kitchen (Part 2)

When the sibs were younger, they hated tagging along to my dates with C because they didn’t like being the third wheel. When they realized how much we liked eating out and shopping, they started aligning their schedule with ours to turn our dates into family day lol. Although C and I became a couple in the latter part of 2009, he’s been bringing goodies (donuts, ice cream, etc.) whenever he visits me at home “as a friend” since 2008 which effectively won over the sibs (they were chiding me to just be with him already hahaha).

BBQ Pork Belly with Java Rice (Php 395)
Chicken of the South “Alabang Fried Chicken” with gravy rice (Php 395)

On one of our ‘family days’ (C and my brother has a tendency to wear matching outfits since my brother usually shops with C), we brought the sibs to Neil’s Kitchen. It was a win-win situation because they have HUGE servings and I wanted to try out other dishes. Chicken boy surprised everyone by not ordering chicken since he fell in love with their sinigang paella, so my sister who has the same food preferences as C fyi, ordered the chicken. She loved it but preferred the sinigang paella as well. Tristan ordered the pork belly while I tried out their bagoong paella. Both dishes are flavorful and something I’d order again.. if the sinigang paella is not available. Haha!

Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly (Php 350)
Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare (Php 395)
Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare (Php 395)


Designer Blooms Cafe

The interiors which I found cute amidst to C snickering and saying ‘hipster’ under his breath
The interiors which I found cute amidst to C snickering and saying ‘hipster’ under his breath

I have not put in so much effort in cleaning out my Drafts folder.. and it’s fairly obvious with the number of items getting published without content. For that, I’m truly sorry – especially to those who even sent messages to ask whether I posted it by mistake. 😦 Normally, after posting my travel vlog of sorts, I’ll proceed with the rest of my travel posts. But for now, I’ll make an exception and continue with the rest of the items I still have queued. Trying to stop procrastination is an internal uphill battle that I’m determined to win, so hang in there, my blog-reading friends! 😀


Buffalo Tenders with Blue Cheese Dressing + Truffle Mac & Cheese

So many things have happened since this post, and I’m saying this because I’VE BEEN KHALEESI and back y’all. I went to the beach the day after getting my hair dyed, and spent a few days swimming in beaches, rivers, lakes, etc. – to find that my white hair has turned into this pale yellow color. The photo below is totally unrelated to this food post, but this is how white my hair was prior to swimming with the whale sharks in Cebu.

Oh well. I mention this because I remember getting a hair cut when I was still Barbie-blonde and getting C to try this cafe out upon my insistence. I have wanted to try out this florist turned cafe ever since they opened a branch in Alabang Town Center, but then it closed down to make way for Pink Berry. Fortunately, there’s a branch in Molito. A few pouts and puppy dog eyes did the trick for C, and off we go! I did enjoy my order because you’d have to really suck to mess up mac & cheese in my opinion. Haha! I do think the price is a bit steep, with the price range going to Php 300-400 per person. I like spending on food, but I’d like to get my money’s worth (the basis for this is relative so it really varies). The place is cute, though, and the staff is very attentive which is something I like as well. 🙂




Neil’s Kitchen

Flat lay

C’s sister was raving about Neil ’s Kitchen and their chicken, so what choice do we have but go, right? We usually justify eating out for no reason to trying out the chicken dishes because.. well, chicken boy is chicken boy.

Chicken of the South “Alabang Fried Chicken” with gravy rice (Php 395)
Chicken of the South “Alabang Fried Chicken” with gravy rice (Php 395)

Whenever I first visit a restaurant, I just go with whatever their bestseller is. It saves me from the hassle of having to choose from so many things I have not yet tried. I went with sinigang paella which arrived on our table first, and the moment I took a small portion of rice in my mouth, I was visibly flabbergasted. I have never used flabbergasted to describe how I feel about food before, but I’m using it now because WTF I am so confused. C saw this and took a bite as well, and the same look came upon his face. Chicken momentarily forgotten, we discussed how something can taste so much like our beloved sinigang, a Filipino cuisine classic, and paella at the same time. C has never been this confused and torn about food as well. He did enjoy the chicken, but I can tell you that we have gone back a couple of times since then, and he’s always ordered the Sinigang Paella instead. 😛

Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly (Php 350)
Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly (Php 350)


I am a huge fan of breakfast food. I believe I have gushed about breakfast food so many times in this blog, I don’t even have to delve into this deeper. Haha! One day, C picked me up from work and saw how dejected I was feeling because I ordered a bunch of clothes online, paid a hefty amount for it (which is something I rarely do for clothes), and it still has not arrived. It’s been two weeks after the ETA. I did get it a few days after (by calling the shipping company twice a day every single day), but that’s not the story I came here to write about. 😛


With that prologue, you now know that C was trying to cheer me up and to do so brought me to IHOP Alabang. I have always enjoyed their food, as well as their service here. This visit did not disappoint and I came out with renewed vigor.. scratch that, I came out really sleepy because I was so full of waffles, bacon, and hash brown. Yum! C usually just gets the Chicken and Waffles.. because we both prefer their waffles to their pancakes. 🙂


What’s your comfort food? Any recommended breakfast places? 🙂

The Black Pig

I currently have 23 posts in Drafts and 20 of those are random food posts such as this one! For the sake of keeping it moving, here’s a post where: I forgot what we ordered, it was a rainy evening so the photos are not the best in quality and I talk about the food less than my life. Haha!

Since C and I are both from the South (I’m from Cavite and he’s from Laguna), we tend to meet halfway which happens to be Alabang for us (unless he insists on picking me up from home). We both agreed a while ago that Commercenter is the best place to watch a movie in because it’s not super crowded and 90% of our movie dates happen there. We pass by this restaurant often and never really gave it a chance because the decor itself screamed ‘I’m fancy!’. I usually associate places with wine on the menu to be out of my price range, but lo and behold, C and I took a peek at their menu out of curiosity and found out we can actually afford it. Let’s go!

I am luckily not a food blogger because I FORGOT WHAT WE ORDERED. Hahaha! What I do remember is that C polished his plate in a few minutes (he’s very hard to please when it comes to chicken dishes okay), I had flavorful pork belly, and we had salad and potato wedges on the side. I like wine even though I absolutely have no idea about the differences of red/white/brands/years/etc, I usually only order it when I’m with C because he orders for me. Over the years, he has perfected how to order wine for me based on all the ones we’ve tried (I just comment “oooh this one’s nice” or “WTF is this? Bleh!”). But I had the flu when we went so no alcoholic drinks for either of us. :p




(Does anyone ever notice that when I write food posts, it’s usually not about food but about memories or random facts about me? Oh well.) So I guess this is just a quick blog update to say hello and I hope everyone has had a fun work week! 🙂


Chubby’s Rib Shack

I think the best way to go about Mondays (as well as the rest of the things we like the least but really have to do) is to suck it up and just get it over with. I pick my battles and there is no winning with the natural cycle of starting the work week. I take comfort in knowing that Mondays do not last seven days a week. 🙂

Another thing I take comfort in is food! I was never a big fan of ribs until C came along, and somehow, ribs became a mutual comfort food. I got rejected by a company I really wanted to work in – we had a delightful slab of baby back ribs. We got into a minor car accident using C’s brand new car – we had two big slabs of baby back ribs covered with barbecue sauce. The gun range we went to required us to walk/trek for an hour in a mountain under the scorching sun, only to find out that the rental was so out of our price range (much more expensive the ones in the city) – we had baby back ribs, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. This venture to Chubby’s Rib Shack though was not conducted for similar reasons (surprisingly). Given our dislike for stuffy crowds, the Commercenter Cinemas is where we prefer to watch movies. We missed the screening time we were aiming for, hence, we had time to burn.

I had the Chubby’s special and substituted the rice and coleslaw with french fries and mashed potato. The ribs weren’t one of the fall-off-the-bone kind but it was okay. It didn’t make our list of best ribs ever but it’s not disappointing. The fries and mashed potato tasted the way it should. I only realized I had both potato sides when C pointed it out. Haha! I didn’t finish the Texas Toast because I already feel like I’m bursting at the seams.

Chubby’s Special (Php 299)

C had the BBQ Chicken N’ Ribs (figures) and Mac N’ Cheese. Long story short, we felt the same about the meal. Good thing we weren’t looking for any comfort food at the time.

BBQ Chicken N’ Ribs (Php 329)
Mac N’ Cheese (Php 39)



I am not a wine drinker.

There, I said it. I am in no way a wine-loving girl, nor very knowledgeable about it. If you have ever interacted with me and I had a wine glass in hand, I do hope you’ve noticed that the glass is never refilled. C has taken me out in some fancy schmancy restaurants and hotel gatherings, where I have had to take a sip or two. I easily learned that chucking out the contents of my wine glass onto a poor unsuspecting plant is not the best idea, really – you’d get some more anyway. So the next best thing would be to nurse the same glass, smile and say “oh, I just got this”.

C knows of this and has mastered the art of drinking for the both of us when the occasion calls for it. The ‘occasion’ comes often (unfortunately, or fortunately, really depends on how you look at it) since I was determined to transition into lady-like drinks. One can only hold on to a margarita, tequila sunrise, white Russian, mojito, and the rest of my college favorites, so long after I have graduated from the party scene.

Penne (Php 295)

The quest continued one fine Sunday, where C and I found ourselves driving around in Alabang in search of where to eat. DRAFT have never failed us before, and there was an empty parking space nearby so a decision has been made.

Chicken Tenders (Php 225)

There were two surprises of the evening. The fact that for once, I actually finished an entire glass (though my awful memory will not come up with what it is, I do know it is merlot, not cabernet). And two, they really were not lying when they said that their Mashed Potatoes is “The best you will ever try”. It really is.

Mashed Potatoes (Php 155)

And that, my friends, conclude another one of those rare “grown up” dates.


Kanin Club

So, quite recently, C and I realized that we have almost exhausted all the restaurant choices (we like to try everything okay) we can eat in at Tagaytay. Since Alabang is technically in the middle of where we both live, we decided to try every single restaurant in the area. Quite ambitious, you might say. The bottomless pits that is our tummies beg to disagree.

I know that I used to write about our food adventures prior to being busy, but I believe it’s time to get back to that habit. Here’s a post to kickoff our T+C food adventures (also known as C’s search for the best chicken dishes hahaha)!

Being from the South has been advantageous in the aspect when Kanin Club first opened in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. We’ve tried all their crispy pork dishes and their variations of rice. So far, we always came back for the Lemon Chicken (C of course), Crispy Dinuguan and Crispy Binagoongan (for me), and Aligue (crab fat) rice (the Tinapa rice is good too).

As much as the restaurant is the only Filipino restaurant C and I repeatedly come back to, I would have to say that the service is usually not something I’d rate high. I’d understand the waiting time for the food, but there have been numerous times where we waited for the bill for more than 15 minutes (in different branches and even where there were only three tables occupied at the time). Not a huge drawback but can be very annoying.




I guess that there will always be feelings you experience that you find unexplainable and you choose one word to express it, rather vaguely.. this. It is one of the few things you wish you can capture, store in a nice clear jar and make it last for eternity. Together with a moment, it passes by you, and yet no matter how ephemeral the encounter, time stands still and you wish you are in a dimension where you can freeze time to stay there. But then, you cannot avoid the inevitable. Once it has fluttered away, you simply have to hope it won’t be the last.

Sure, C and I haven’t been together that long (time is relative), and I have to admit that we have ‘down’ times. Not every second we spend together are chick flick moments full of kissing in the rain, C standing outside my bedroom window holding a boom box over his head or screaming in public areas to tell the world how much he loves me, our silhouettes running towards each other on the beach while the sun sets in the background.. There are days where we fight, we become too predictable or our plans don’t push through. But amidst all that, the instances when our eyes suddenly meet, I smile as this feeling washes over me. All I have is hope that what we have will endure every ‘down’ time. 🙂

Our day out actually started with me being pretty pissed off. We had other plans but had to cancel it at the last minute, and I get annoyed whenever the things I have no control over messes up plans. Fortunately for C, I could never stay grumpy whenever we’re together and he only needed around ten minutes to cheer me up. :p