Seoul 2018 || Highlights

To wrap all the South Korea posts for 2018 (because unless it’s a free trip, I probably wouldn’t be heading back to Seoul for the rest of the year), here are some highlight reels from both trips! I honestly enjoyed putting the clips together because it truly felt like reliving our trip memories. Seoul have […]

Bangkok 2017 || Heading Home + Bangkok Highlights

My last night in Bangkok was unfortunately spent restlessly as I woke up every hour or so due to the abdominal pain. Whenever I’m flying out early in the day, I usually pack my bags the night before and since we were flying right past noon again, I packed my bags through the pain before I slept. Or attempted to. When I woke up that morning, I didn’t want to leave the bed since the fetal position was the one I was in pain the least. It was horrible. I rarely ever get sick on trips (the only other time was having the flu during my first week in Copenhagen – I blame winter) but whenever I do, it’s the worst because it just comes out of nowhere. After dilly-dallying on the decision to get up or not, I ended up going for breakfast. It was our last breakfast in Bangkok and I wanted to make the most out of it. I only had what I would consider a light serving for lunch because I didn’t want to upset my tummy even more.

Once again, we had the reception call us a taxi to take us to the airport. The drive to the airport was quite uneventful and traffic wasn’t as heavy as compared to when we were traveling from the airport to the hotel during rush hour. We took the highway and paid the toll. It didn’t even cost more than 400 baht and it was quite a drive too. We didn’t realize how huge Suvarnabhumi Airport was until we had the time to burn to roam around. Check in was swift as we only needed to scan our passports in the self-check in machines, and drop off our luggage at the counter. Their body check scanner was something I haven’t encountered before too. It looked like a pod! C and I browsed all the stores (which are mostly designer ones) and we surprisingly did not find a Pandora stall, even though Google says otherwise. I bought a Pandora charm bracelet for my 25th birthday and C buys me charms for random milestones, our anniversary was supposed to be one of it. Oh, well.

I spent the plane ride home ugly crying over A Dog’s Purpose (thanks to the plane’s entertainment system), barely touching my meal, and wondering whether to head straight to the emergency room instead of heading home. However, it was raining when we arrived. Rain in Manila is equal to a traffic sentence because the already horrible traffic will get so much worse. I spent the drive back drifting in and out of sleep in the car, clutching my tummy, while C drove for almost six hours just to get us home. Not the best ending to an otherwise fun trip.

Here’s a short-ish clip of our Bangkok trip! (Sorry this post isn’t as long, but when I think about our last day in Bangkok, all I could think about the tummy pain. It did take a couple of days, minimal food, and rest, for it to fully subside.)

Colourpop x Hello Kitty Puroland Mini Size Kit

By the time you read this, I would be on my way home (or already home) from a nice 3-day trip out to the beach with the chicken boy. I’m hoping it’s as relaxing as I thought it would be – you’d know once I’m done with these lippie reviews and I blog about it. C and I enjoy spending alone time at the beach, mostly because we find the excuse to bum around and do nothing. It felt like going back to our childhoods! As a child, I was never the biggest fan of Hello Kitty. My mom bought me a LOT of merchandise (think complete bed sheet sets and matching pajamas), but it’s not something I brought with me as I aged. I’ve had an inherent dislike for cats when I got bitten by one in grade school. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when the neighbor’s cat decided that my leg was a free game and bit it. I know about rabies and even after medications, it brought on so much anxiety to younger me that I couldn’t even sleep in fear that I would not wake up in the morning. So there’s that. Not gonna lie though, I grabbed this set from the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collaboration while it was on sale even if I had a hard time looking for swatches on Youtube at the time.

Application: At this point, everyone I know who uses lipsticks have already used Colourpop so I was debating whether to discuss it at all. However, I know some people who might read this are not yet familiar with it, so here we go. This set consists of both ultra matte and ultra satin lippies. Both are quite pigmented but may take at least another dip in the bottle to cover the whole lips since the doe-foot applicator is small (since it’s a mini kit). I don’t really smell anything from it while is nice. The matte ones dry pretty quickly, while the satin ones.. well don’t really dry at all.

On my lips: The matte ones does feel a bit drying on the lips, which is expected for matte lip products. The satin ones can be a bit sticky but I don’t really care about how sticky it feels as for Colourpop liquid lipsticks, I found that I personally prefer the ultra satin ones over the ultra matte items. Both are quite pigmented and can last a while, although the satin will transfer. Everywhere. Your coffee cup lid. On the rest of your face when you forget you’re wearing a lipstick and eat a burger. It does take more than tissue to rub it all off, and it does not look patchy when you reapply more product on your lips (this applies to both formulas). I really just love it, and would collect all shades if I don’t already feel that I have too many lip products. Haha!

The shades:

Mimmy (Ultra Matte) looks mauve in the tube, but upon application, dries into this nice eggplant color.

Tiny Chum (Ultra Satin) is a nude-ish pink in the bottle and upon application, but it dries to an Old Rose shade. Super wearable!

Milk Bottle (Ultra Matte) is a muted pink shade. Perfect for those who just want a pink lippie for everyday use.

Lock Diary (Ultra Satin) is a dark pink shade that is almost red, but not quite. Since it’s satin, the shade does not dry and stays the same.

Ribbon (Ultra Matte) is reminiscent of an old Hollywood red shade. It’s the type of shade you would wear to a formal event.

Would I repurchase? This set is limited edition, but all these shades in a set are all you would need if you can only have five. There’s a shade for all the usual occasions you plan to go to. Plus, it’s dirt cheap! You can snatch up their other products from their website or if you’re from the Philippines, preorder from @scentsandbeautyph.

Have you tried Colourpop products? What’s your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments below!