Life Lately || Day 113

Ever since the pandemic started and all the non-essential workers (me included) have been stuck in quarantine, I cannot count on my fingers just how many times I sat down and tried to write. I wanted to document that 2-week trip to Japan. I took a couple of videos of how I turned our “walk-in […]

Seoul 2018 || Highlights

To wrap all the South Korea posts for 2018 (because unless it’s a free trip, I probably wouldn’t be heading back to Seoul for the rest of the year), here are some highlight reels from both trips! I honestly enjoyed putting the clips together because it truly felt like reliving our trip memories. Seoul have […]

2017 || Highlights

I don’t normally do a recap of my year, but the days of 2017 flew by faster than I expected and most of it, I didn’t really get to document every memorable thing that happened within the 365 days. I am quite sure I still won’t be able to within this post, but I feel […]