Pivot or persevere

# 1 I never thought I’d have some tears over resigning until I had to say it out loud to my manager today.

This job was one I got after being laid off back in 2020. I genuinely did enjoy working for this firm, even if at one point last year, it felt like a golden cage. I was getting bored and with that boredom came demotivation. However, I had amazing benefits (yet to work for a company that can rival the benefits from this one – it’s even my global HMO that paid for my hospital trip in Bali) and I can work wherever in the world, as long as I showed up and did whatever work I’m supposed to do. I’ve “worked from home” in different cities and countries, which is honestly a huge plus for me. And I’m not required to go to the office unless the client needs to see me. Such a huge plus.

I’ve expressed my intention to resign but it still isn’t official until my actual last day. I’ve signed a contract with the next company I’m working for though, so there’s that. I also liked most of the people I work with (except for a handful that I would rather never encounter again, but that’s a given), and a few of them have even become outside-of-work friends.

But now I’m once again second-guessing this decision to leave. Sigh. I’m gonna miss working from home all the time.

#2 Someone expressed interest in collaborating in a coffee book sort of thing. It was one of those things that happened randomly. She told me she loved the concept of sad girl scents, and that the stories behind them were “written beautifully”. She has experience with publishing and wondered if I wanted to make a merch out of them … and honestly, I’m terrified of putting out my work out there. So I might not do it anytime soon.

#3 It’s weird how for the longest time, regardless of who the dude in my life was, I’ve always had the fantasy of having a beach wedding. I guess it may be the age, but a lot of the things that I want for myself for the future veers away from that. Even the song I’ve sworn will be the only song I want to walk down the aisle to has now changed. I never even realized how far I’ve pivoted from my initial dreams, plans, and goals.

Just a weird reminder for me that I can veer off path, and still figure shit out (eventually). So it’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna be okay. Scratch that. I’m gonna be amazing.

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