March 2023 | Documenting my life more

I’m back to documenting the mundane and it was weird watching this back, when I’ve always felt like my life is uneventful.

For my own memory bank, here are some things that were not on video:

  • Rox’s kidney is showing some early stages of a medical problem. She’s not listless at all and the vet says she’s not in pain. So at least we have that. Her lab results show that kidney-issue aside, she’s pretty healthy. The vet nga was even saying it’s weird for a fat old dog to have normal cholesterol etc. even if she’s eating human food. But I’ve been careful what Rox eats and mix vitamins with her food so that’s nice that it works.
  • Got my list of food allergies. As it turns out, food allergies are one of those things that does not always trigger your histamines which is how they can go undetected (even if for a lifetime). I got prescribed with an epi-pen and she told me to make sure I bring my prescription with me wherever I go (especially in airports) because I need to have that epi-pen in my bag at all times.
  • Still working on some of my hormone issues. Got another set of prescription for that. I’m back to doing low impact workouts because I need to be so much more careful with how I take care of my body.
  • I was featured for women’s month! Well, the brand was featured as a female-owned business.
  • I got a job offer. Which I gave an informal acceptance for but have not signed anything yet. I’m thinking of retracting my acceptance because I keep getting this weird feeling in my gut that says I should not go through this. I’ve never had it with any of my previous moves so there’s that. I’m usually the type that thinks long and hard before making a decision, but once I do, I feel settled and would stick to it. However, there’s just this weird feeling I can’t shake off. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s one of those jobs that would require me to leave the house 3x a week and I already know it might mess with my health. Oh well.
  • As a brand owner, I am now more proactive with reaching out to content creators to ask if I can send them gifts with no strings attached. I always feel like I’m the market of my own products, so I wanted to send them to creators with content I consume.
  • I believe one of the dudes who I had deep feelings for got married. I seem to have seen an ig story of it from a mutual friend. I don’t keep up with the lives of the dudes where the only relationship we had was either romantic/potentially romantic and don’t bother staying connected even through social media unless we ended up being genuinely friendly. Anyway, it reminded me of Emily Weisband’s Indie Movie Zoomout Moment – I remember wishing I could take him home, and
    I got really close, too
    But I just had an indie movie zoom-out moment
    And I wasn’t supposed to
    ‘Cause all the boys I’ve loved before have smiles on their faces
    Kissing girls that aren’t me and my heart isn’t breaking
    ‘Cause I’m sitting here across from you
    And there’s nothing I’d change
    Maybe everything is in its right place

April should be fairly busy as well. I’m releasing something new for the brand which was one of those ideas where I just went “what if I let my intrusive thoughts win and I become as unhinged as them” lol. And I may or may not be resigning from my current job. I guess we’ll know by the end of the month.

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