January is truly the longest month of the year

Life lately has been weirdly peaceful that I have to consciously make an effort not to be anxious that life seems uneventful.

This past month, I’ve just been busy with product development, job interviews (not really in a hurry to leave my current job – my salary can still sustain my lifestyle but there’s this fear that with the rapid inflation, I might have a harder time in the future. So this is a preemptive move to help with my anxiety), and reading a shit ton of fantasy novels. An excellent sign that it’s honestly terrifying to realize that I’m not so unhappy anymore lol.

I started on my romantic/slice-of-life novel binge back in December 2017 (when I found out about things that were happening behind my back) has happened and when a similar occurrence happened again in the middle of 2018. I kind of just never stopped until early last year. This genre is my comfort read. I read it while I stayed with my mom in the hospital. I read it after she died. And I genuinely just stay away from novels I usually enjoy (tragedy, mystery, thriller, fantasy etc) because my form of escapism is into fluff novels where the main lead is pursued by a love interest with only pure intentions. Where every single hurt and disappointment eventually leads to a life that’s quiet and happy.

Most of my weekends are booked with dates in fine dining restaurants with my friends (I know!!! My my we’ve turned bougie), and I have to make sure that my calendar is always updated so I don’t miss anything. And I guess being busy with my career, my business, and re-learning how to drive helps. Although my driving anxiety is still very much present. I would hate to make a dent in my brand new car hahahahuhu *cries in potential car damage*.

I’ll be working from Bali for a few weeks next month. I’ve been busy keeping the shop stocked and training my brother to fulfill orders in my stead.

It’s just been a weird time that I cherish because my life has always felt like something I want to leave. But I haven’t felt that in a long time. Honestly baffling.

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