Life Lately || Blood moon witch gang

November 8.

I’ve been grappling with a lot of emotions recently. So I thought what better to do than release our EDTs.

And it’s funny because I wanted to encapsulate how I felt at that moment in that caption – and I guess it worked because my sister cried. She said it perfectly reflects my vibe after this trip.

“The scents I personally love in cologne form. I’ve actually been using them for a while now but was terrified of sharing them because I like my personal scents lowkey and simple.

The past few years have turned me into a recluse, where every single step outside of my comfort zone induces so much anxiety. But there’s growth in going out into the world scared. We hope that every spray lends you the courage to be vulnerable, as we all grow and bloom together. 💖”

Maybe it’s coming home from a long trip where I felt a brand new vigor for life. Or maybe it’s because my life suddenly seems empty after being constantly stimulated for 2 weeks. Or how I found that kilig from a minor crush and knowing that the last message we’ll ever exchange is “all the best” (such a conversation ender). Or maybe it’s all just hormones – the most likely reason why I lowkey go crazy every month for a few days.

November 9.

Fuck that, I knew it. It was the moon coinciding with my period.

I woke up today feeling completely fine and like my life is back to normal.

As usual, woke up at 5 because Siopao decided what time I woke up as he makes a ruckus by my bedroom door. Went on my walk at 5:30. Drank my fiber and coffee around 7. Signed a contract for a consignment spot for sad girl scents before 8. Started my day job. Did a 15-minute walkthrough of the questions I was about to be asked with my sister (someone from a local university asked if they can interview us for a business immersion thing). Did more day job things, went on two more walks and sold the most number of EDTs (so far – I hope we break that record) within 24 hours.

Life is good again. Ugh. Finally clearing my head and getting out of that funk did wonders for my mental health.

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