Life Lately || X-life crisis

Not gonna call it mid-life because I don’t plan on dying at 62. But quarter-life doesn’t work because unless science progresses fast enough, I feel like I won’t enjoy living more than a hundred years.

But I digress.

For most small businesses, ber months are the worst time to order anything. I made that mistake when I was starting out in 2020. Did not learn my lesson last year. And it’s 2022 – and the raw materials I need for my next release are still on a ship en route to Manila. Plus, I started on the other tasks too late and now have to wonder if I’ll meet my timeline. Sigh.

I’ve never had patience as one of my virtues. All this waiting around has made me antsy. It doesn’t help that my current workload isn’t overwhelming that I can’t even distract myself with it.

I went back to rollerskating just to take my mind off things though. But here’s where I am right now and I just want to look back someday in the future and be able to laugh off how crazy I was being right at this exact moment.

In the fit of this weird crisis, I got myself something to pay off for the next few years (lol) to keep having something to look forward to (at least until 2028, hoping I live long enough to enjoy it). Only because I realized that I can’t even travel to my favorite places because all I have are expired visas that I didn’t even get to maximize (Schengen, South Korea, and Japan!) – thanks to the pandemic and the financial aspect of traveling during a pandemic (airfare is crazy, stays at hotels have skyrocketed, all the travel requirements.. can you believe that I was able to nab roundtrip business class tickets for my canceled 2020 Europe trip for only $1100~??? definitely can’t do that now ugh).

I genuinely hold this belief that I’m fated to win the lottery one day. Once I do, I am definitely doing something to get another passport (maybe buy one – I heard you can do that?).

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