Life Lately || 365 days of being a sad girl

Wow. I don’t think words can convey about how I’m actually a full year in with my first actual business. It’s still a small brand and growth has been relatively slow in comparison to the other brands that started around the same time mine did. But I made it here.

It’s crazy to think how I was in such a different place when it started and where I am right now. I started working on this small biz while I was unemployed, pining over my ex, and binge eating the quarantine blues away. More than a year later, I am very employed (in a way that I sometimes get burnt out from work lol), no longer looking for excuses not to come running back into my ex’s arms (contrary to what people are aware of, I was always *this* close to getting back together with him – which is also why I cut off all contact or else alam na haha), and still eating but more mindfully.

Cliche as it may sound, but time (and a lot of hard work) really does wonders. I put in so much time and work into the brand and in turn, investing back into myself, that I can call this a successful venture.

Because the brand’s concept is heavily tied to the things that made me sad, I’ve had to confront them over and over to be able to turn it into something that didn’t make me sad anymore. And I think that’s where the beauty of my baby biz lies. It has turned all the shitty things into sparkly things. I have connected with so many people over the emotions that felt so isolating. Maybe misery does love company. And in that company, I found my loneliness ebb away. Slowly. Organically. Like it was all meant to happen.

I have also learned a lot with running a business. Learning how to market. Talking to people of all ages and different walks of life. And while I still get a lot of anxiety over new releases or the rare negative feedback, they come less now. It’s also a humbling experience to accept that I am a work in progress. And I will keep on improving. In this craft and all other facets of my life.

Whatever happens with sad girl scents in the future, I’m keeping this here as a reminder that at a time when I felt like I was at the darkest lowest point in my life – it was this brand that kept me afloat. It tethered me to my sanity, and helped me be at peace with the emotions that once consumed me. That’s enough.

One thought on “Life Lately || 365 days of being a sad girl

  1. This pandemic really changed people’s perspectives, making them question the 9 to 5 grind. Good to know that you’re in a better situation now than before! 🙂 And good luck sa business!


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