Life Lately || October is my month

To be completely honest, I’m quite overwhelmed with just how eventful my month has been. Early in the year, I made plans to go to Europe for three weeks in October. I even booked business class flights *gasp* for the first time because it was relatively cheap (I got the deal for $1,200+). I was supposed to fly to Paris from Manila, and then head back to Manila from Madrid. I already had the entire thing roughly planned by February – from landing in Paris, taking the train to Barcelona and then, Madrid. But this pandemic happened and I also lost my job.

When October started, I had also just “parted ways” with K – a dude who I am good friends with (and maybe pseudo-dating, although we all know that I probably wouldn’t date anyone in the near future because all the males in my life ended up giving me extreme trust issues but that’s a whole other story in itself lol). I was still unemployed and the only job offers I had gotten so far were either ones where I got lowballed (one was even 50% pay cut) or working conditions that does not match my lifestyle. Hence, in my head, I had pretty low expectations for the next 31 days.

But damn, did October deliver.

  • Last October 1st, I launched my passion project for all the world to see. Sad Girl Scents started out as something I did to distract myself from breaking down everyday. I wanted to make something nice out of all the things that were weighing down on me and keeping me up at night – and named the collection ‘hindi makatulog‘ (translation: ‘can’t sleep’). Although it gave me so much anxiety to release something extremely personal, the amount of support I had gotten from friends were priceless. It hit differently knowing that in the middle of a time where everything is uncertain, there are people who has your back. Since you’re here, maybe you’re interested in my life (lol) and you can head over to Instagram and follow the account @sadgirlscents.
  • Within the first week of October, I got two different job offers. I accepted the one that came first because not only did they not lowball me, but it quite fit what I was also looking for in a job (plus I have a close friend who referred me so we would be working together). The recruiter for the other one initially got me a package where there was a small paycut (one that was in my acceptable range lol), and then offered more when I withdrawed my application. I still stuck with my choice though, because it really was a position that I wanted.
  • More than a week in, I randomly got a couple of gifts from Japan. It was sent anonymously, but K is probably the only person residing in Japan right now who would send me anything haha! We patched up even if we were still mad at each other at the time. 😉
  • On the 14th, I went out of the house for the first time in SEVEN MONTHS. I had to get my pre-employment medical done and get my NBI clearance so I found an NBI branch that still had available slots before my first day at my new job. Then I had to locate an affiliated clinic to the company that was nearest to that branch so I can finish all my errands within the same day.
  • Going out must have been exhausting because that night, I finally got around to sleeping throughout the night. This may seem small but I have not had any good sleep for as long as I can remember. I was surviving by taking 2-3 hour naps at a time (even at night). I don’t even know how I managed to do that but I did. I even started taking sleeping aids before bedtime to no avail. I remember waking up disconcerted at 6:30 AM.. because how did I manage to sleep and only even wake up when the sun is already out??
  • The 15th marked the start of sad girl scents’ third week and I made $150+ (from 8 orders!!!). I probably need to sell more than a hundred candles before I start making any profit from this thing. But just the thought that people will buy anything that I made made me cry happy tears.
  • I was extra energized from actually sleeping that even if it rained for three straight days, I finally finished my draft documenting last year’s two-week trip to Japan!
  • Last month I dyed my hair to pink and had now dyed it back to ash gray because I don’t plan on having pink hair on the first day of my new job. I would probably dye it something crazy again eventually.
  • Rox turned 11! My dog’s birthday is actually October 20 but since I was going to be a bit busy with my new job, I decided to celebrate her birthday two days earlier.
  • My first day at my new job happened to be October 19 (Monday). I had lunch with Kara and it was the first time I was out for an entire work day.
  • Before I even got home, I got a notif on Instagram that sad girl scents got featured in 8list! It was such a surprise because the feature was published on the 17th which was.. 17 days after launch. /cry The candle brands that were on the list were also brands I used to buy candles from so it was such a compliment to be part of that list.
  • On the 21st, I started working on my first project in my new job! And also caps off the 3rd week of sad girl scents where I made over $200!
  • By the time October ended, I had gotten 2 more job offers from interviews I had taken in August but the recruiters then just ghosted me. It was such a surreal experience, looking back now.

A lot of the things that has happened within the past month doesn’t seem big or worthy of remembering – but it has been the small wins that has kept me pushing forward. Yay for all the small wins!

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