Life Lately || I’ll never get tired of South Korea

There’s a certain kind of healing magic that permeates through South Korean air.

I had guarded my heart quite well. This year hadn’t been easy. I needed to arm myself with fake happiness to survive my daily life. But walking through the winding [mostly] uphill streets of Seoul and along the coast of Haeundae Beach in Busan, had me sweating out all the literal and metaphorical toxicity I have accumulated over 2019. For 12 days, I embraced the now* and let myself experience life to the fullest. I laughed when something was really funny. I cried (even while I was in public) when I found myself wishing I got around to bringing my mom to South Korea (she loved Korean food way before it even became popular). I took a cooking class. I fucking hiked a mountain in a cute romper and chunky sneakers I only even bought because Nadine Lustre endorsed them (definitely not for hiking). I drank different kinds of makgeolli. I made my own perfume. I chopped off a live octopus’ legs so I can eat it raw. I got drunk on peach beer and abs while spending the entire afternoon at the beach. I had an entire pan of cheese dakgalbi for myself.


There had already been countless mornings where I woke up and did not feel like the sky was going to fall down on me at any minute. I take it as a win. All my Korean mornings, I opened my eyes, grateful that I was alive.

My life is such a privilege. Like my mom always said, I will make it through.

*I am cringing while writing this but it needed to be documented for my future self who I hope will find this moment in the past hilarious. Living in the “now” and not ignoring any “advances” had led to angry tears – less than a week after I came home – because I JUST DON’T HAVE THE CAPACITY TO DEAL WITH FUCKING MIND GAMES, DAMN. I was more frustrated at the fact that I let my guard down for a hot minute, only to be reminded why men are a scam. It was a…learning experience. I guess not engaging in any potential dating opportunities is truly the way to go. /shrugs and acquires a Labrador Retriever puppy/

This post collected cobwebs and spiders as a Draft until I finally got around to editing the video I wanted to publish this with. I had been high strung throughout September due to some issues at work and my personal life that I got sick enough for a trip to the hospital. I’m all well and good now, so two more SoKor posts will be up before the month ends. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Life Lately || I’ll never get tired of South Korea

  1. It is great that you got to visit South Korea! Your adventure looks pretty neat! I really need to get my butt out there one of these days. There’s so much to see. I’m sorry that men are trash. A lot of them are. Hopefully a good one will cross your path :).

    Nancy ♥


  2. Hi Teesh! It’s been awhile since I last read your blog. Whatever it is that you’re going through, I hope you find happiness from yourself. I agree that living the now is what is life all about. 75% present, 15 % future and only 10% to the past. I know you got this ❤️


  3. Hi Teesh! You are so strong and your writing is always so poetic. And wow you really know how to travel! I mean I feel like when I come back from a vacation I’m always like oh I should have done this or that but I feel like you dive right in and have a really broad experience of what a place has to offer. I think you’re very brave ❤️ and tbh even though I’m with E I still kind of hate most men lol

    (Also I’m not sure why but I can never comment on your posts through the WordPress app it’ll give me an error? I open up a browser to comment. Do you know why this happens?)


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