Life Lately || 2019 so far

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I last updated. I’ve said it enough times to sound like a broken record, but I treat this blog as an online journal of sorts. Something I can look back to when I’m a bit more wrinkly (hopefully not in the next few years, no?), and reminisce about all the adventures I embarked on in this lifetime. Hence, I have tried to keep a lot of negative vibes away from my small corner of the internet. The past half year were trying times for me, for a reason that I really cannot disclose at this time. While I’m writing this, I still have quite a long way to go before I recover. However, I am now in a better head space and I felt like I can now get around to writing small tidbits about my life. It’s weird because I used to write freely and openly as a naive university student, when everything felt complex and bigger than everything. I guess adulting really does change your perspective.

I got a new job. I know, I know. I’m pretty sure there’s a similar update from me around this time last year. I didn’t really mean to go job hopping. It has nothing to do about being a “millennial” too, and I’ve had a great track record of staying in my previous jobs for at least two years. I’m grateful to be at a point in my career where I have relevant experience in specific platforms and a skill set which makes transitioning between different careers possible (and quite easy). It just happened that there was an opportunity that aligned better with the lifestyle I was striving for (longer days and relatively less responsibilities), so I took it. I’ve been here for nearly a month now, and no complaints so far. *yay*

I went back to the gym. I started going to the gym September of last year. I went at it for more than a month, then completely lost all motivation to go. It sucks, but I have recently been pushing myself to go after work. I gained a lot of weight with two vacations (Japan and Bangkok) less than a month in between. I have the tendency to binge eat while on vacation (what diet?!), and it happened that both cuisines had me reaching for multiple servings of rice per meal. I’d probably get around to writing another Motivation Mondays in the coming months. Let’s see!

No vacations for me until June. And that’s not even sure yet. Being a citizen of a third world country sucks, since I still have to apply for a visa to go places. I’ve done a couple of visa applications this past few years (including Schengen), and have never been denied. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that my luck doesn’t run out and I get to write about my three-week trip! Yes, three weeks!

I have an ongoing shopping ban. Not gonna lie that I have a teensy bit of a shopping problem. That’s what I used to think. I meticulously track my expenses that not a single peso is unaccounted for, and realized that it has turned into a big f*cking problem. Apparently, I’ve had the unfortunate habit of browsing through shopping mobile apps while I’m bored and have spent a significant amount on random items. Some of them have even ended up on my sister’s closet – which she definitely benefitted from while it was a loss for me. So I’m in the process of curbing this habit, especially in preparation for my upcoming trip!

And there you have it. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting another update because I’m trying to live my life as uneventful and stable as possible, so there’s really nothing to write about these days. Hoping for a better month ahead. ❤

19 thoughts on “Life Lately || 2019 so far

    • Hi Rose! Thanks 🙂 Still working within the same area (literally the same street as my previous jobs lol) but my working hours is super early day shift so travel time gets cut into half cos I miss rush hour to and from work. Yay!


  1. Hi Teesh! It’s good to see your post on my dash again! I just wanted to say I think your write with such thoughtfulness and quality I always enjoy reading your posts. And I feel the same way about writing. It’s therapeutic and a way to document your life to look back on when you’re older. Congrats on the new job!! Sounds like it’s a good one!

    I think nowadays these shopping apps are SO good at targeting your specific interests. I ended up just deleting the apps from my phone. I’ve replaced them with the reddit app and I’m always reading the relationship advice sub lol there’s always such interesting drama to read. I think living a stable life is good. It’s definitely more relaxing I think. Glad you’re doing well ❤️


    • Thank you, L! You’re one of the few people who always read my random ramblings. I’m truly touched. Hope we could meet up soon. And yes, those shopping apps are crazy. I was googling about the weather, then the next notif I get is for rain boots. T_T

      I tried reading that sub but omg all the drama. I’m usually over at unsolvedmysteries and interesting askreddit threads. Haha!


      • I feel like you’re one of the few people who actually reads my ramblings too! I hope on my next trip to the Philippines we can meet up. Last time it was just kind of tricky bc my uncle had passed away and we were mostly there for that reason. But I hope to make another more vacation-like trip some time in the next few years. And let me know if you ever decide to visit the midwest 😀 Chicago is very close to us!

        And omg I just started scrolling through the unsolvedmysteries reddit and it’s so scary!!! I guess I shouldn’t have looked when I’m alone in my apartment! I used to be really into this stuff but for some reason I’ve become more of a scaredy cat lol


      • I don’t think I’ll be visiting the US anytime soon (but if I do, I will surely let you know) so let’s meet up when you come back in Manila or if time (and budget) permits, we can even meet up in Singapore!

        I know! I also avoid reading those when I’m home alone because it can be a black hole, and then I end up scared so I have all the lights on all night. Hahaha!


      • Yes!!! That would be amazing! I’m more likely to probably visit Singapore since most of my mums side of the family is there and she visits them relatively frequently. I will definitely let you know when we have a trip planned to either Singapore or Philippines! E and I are currently planning our wedding for June of 2020 (I can’t believe how expensive weddings cost!!) so maybe our honeymoon trip haha


  2. Congratulations on the new job and the exciting trip. I wish 2019 will be kind to you. Sana din the trying time is over already and good things are on the way. If not, sabi ni Catriona, look for the silver lining. 🙂


  3. Hi Teesh
    Let me start by saying Happy New Year even if it is February. I love reading your posts, you have a beautiful sense of humor and way of writing. It’s enjoyable to read.
    Congratulations on your new job. It’s always refreshing switching jobs, brings along a different kind of energy and motivation.
    I am also cutting down on shopping. Online shopping is so addictive, and most of the time when I can not sleep at night, I start scrolling looking through stuff and somehow end up with a thing or two in my shopping cart. I am only buying things I need, not want.
    Big hugs. Keep the posts coming. And go to the gym or come for some yoga sessions.


    • Thank you Lora! Happy (Chinese) new year to you and your beautiful family. ❤ Retail therapy sort of became quite an addiction to be honest, it's crazy to see how one to two pieces end up becoming a lot of useless things.

      I'm not big on yoga but if I ever go for it, I'll be sure to go to the one you also go to!


  4. Maybe I should do the shopping ban too? Lol. I’m such an impulsive buyer and this totaly gave me an idea to do a shopping ban so I can limit my spending. Congratulations on the new job! And for going back to the gym. x

    Bee | Sincerely, Bee ♡.


  5. Happy 2019! I’m happy to hear that you’ve been hitting the gym! I did the opposite and canceled my gym membership after realizing that I never used it in 2018 haha. Have to be honest with myself, right? Wishing all the best for you this year!


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