Bali 2018 || What we did in Bali (and a snippet of my life as of lately)

I haven’t really updated this blog for so many reasons that I probably would never get around to writing about any time in the near future. There were some unfortunate events that occurred a few weeks after I got back from Bali. And while I’ve gone ahead and steeled myself to recover from it, the end product was losing all motivation in updating the blog and doing anything actually meaningful. I sometimes wish I can go back in time and change some things, but there’s no medicine for regrets. There’s only the resolve to move forward.

*here’s a vlog instead, from Bali, with love*

Anyway, I plan on maybe (emphasis on the uncertainty of things) writing more after I get back from our family’s annual December trip which would effectively be 2019. Ha! I’ll probably have two more posts for the rest of the year – one for the recent 8-day trip I took to Japan last month which I have not many photos nor videos of, and another year-end roundup. Hoping everyone who still manages to check up on this blog once in a while is doing very well and is joyously anticipating their own merry holidays.

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