Bangkok 2017 || Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

One of my favorite things about trip planning is researching for reasonable accommodations. Reasonable is definitely relative, but for us, what was reasonable was that it was in a great location and the price was within the budget that we set. I grew up with parents who like to travel on a budget. We’ve been to a lot of places as a family, and I am used to cramped hotel rooms and packed itineraries. However, when C and I started earning our own money and found our own groove and travel style, we realized we’re really (and sometimes, unfortunately) not budget travelers. We’re more mid-ranged, relaxed travelers who enjoy the touristy things, getting lost in alleyways and eventually coming across some hole in the wall finds. Unlike Japan where we stayed in an Airbnb because hotels are crazy expensive, Bangkok had a plethora of hotels that tick off everything in our checklist well within our budget. Me being.. well, me, had other bonus filters of having less than a hundred rooms (the more intimate the better) and for the hotel room to not look like a generic hotel room. This is where we found ourselves booking a Deluxe Room at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel.

The location was quite perfect for us since it was near stations at both lines of the Skytrain. It wouldn’t take you 10 minutes to get to both stations (Ratchathewi Station for the Sukhumvit Line and National Stadium Station for the Silom Line). With the traffic situation, it’s efficient to utilize the Skytrain in exploring Bangkok. Siam Station (or the Central Station where both lines intersect) is also near enough to be considered walking distance. It’s also near a lot of shopping malls. I kid you not. They have everything for every price range. MBK Center is a more spacious version of 168 Shopping Mall where you can haggle with the prices, especially when you buy in bulk. Siam Discovery is where Madame Tussaud’s can be found, and the format is reminiscent of a high-end department store (Issey Miyake, COACH, Apostrophe’s for really nice home stuff). Siam Center (Food Republic, LUSH, Cath Kidston, Pull & Bear, a LOT of local designers) and Siam Paragon (cinema house, luxury car showrooms, Books Kinokuniya, PRADA, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and a lot of designer brands) are also filled with what I would consider high-end shops, although there are some shops that have mid-range prices. I thought of it as similar to the SM Makati-Glorietta-Greenbelt shopping combo in Manila, except that the interior has that modern hipster vibe. These malls are just beautiful. We didn’t get to cross to Siam Square, but I saw they had a huge ZARA.

The hotel entrance is located in an alleyway that was surprisingly pretty quiet given that you made the turn from the busy Phaya Thai Road. The concierge never even let us handle our luggage from the moment the taxi’s trunk was opened. It was a smooth check-in where they checked our passports and asked us to sign the usual hotel forms. I love high ceilings and not only did they have that, they also had floor to ceiling glass windows so you can utilize all the quirky furniture while still looking at the pool outside.

The lady who checked us in accompanied us to our room at the third floor, so she could tell us how to operate the room. Why she needs to do that will become clear later. One of the concierges followed to bring our luggage. Honestly, the staff at this hotel gave A+ service. I wish I could live here. Even if the cabinet would be small for realistic living arrangements for C and me, but perfect for when you’re traveling. This wardrobe lights up when you open it (just like a fridge lol) and comes with bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer, and even a shoehorn!

I don’t own a tub at home, but I looked forward to soaking in a hot bath after a long day of exploring. This tub filled up quickly and even had a non-slip mat you can place in it. I placed it

We had two complimentary bottles of water every day, which we refrigerate and bring with us while we roam around. They had the usual bathroom amenities of toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, nail file, cotton buds, cotton pads, sanitary bags, sewing kit, and, shower caps. Can I just say that the soap and all the other bottled products smell so good, too! I forgot to take a photo but there’s a light switch at the right side of the mirror where you can switch on and off the lights in the bathroom area. You can also play music with it if you want to! (We never figured out how to play the music though)

We also had a separate shower from the tub, even if the tub had a shower head as well. That door swings 180 degrees so you can leave it open, close it when you’re using the toilet or when you’re using the shower.

I am in love with automated toilets. Who needs bidets when you can just press a button that will automatically clean your vagina/butt (water pressure can be adjusted) and will even dry it too. The toilet lid is also heated which meant that pooping has never felt this good. By the end of our trip, it was the room feature that I wanted to take home the most.

There were rooms that had separate beds so I included in the additional notes section upon booking that we needed a room with just one bed because we were staying as a couple. When we got to the room, our huge comfy bed had rose petals and this swan towel arrangement (that we refused to use and just placed on a table because it’s too pretty lol). However, the next day, cleaning service took it away. Special shout out to the cleaning service who kept our room spotless every single day. They even positioned our slippers nicely where we leave our shoes so we don’t have to walk on the cold marble floor. We left tips for the cleaning service, and in turn, they left us snacks. I don’t think this hotel and its staff can get any better. 

(those are reading lights by the way)

Although our view was not the best (I can’t even tell what our view is) and left that curtain closed most of the time, I loved the natural light that came in from the floor to ceiling windows. I wish I can share with everyone how my houses look on The Sims 4 because I can assure you that floor to ceiling windows are my thing. Haha! I digress. We had this white accent chair, a full-length mirror, a lamp, and a coffee table with complimentary rambutan.

On the left side of our bed was the tablet to control the temperature, the lights, and overhead fan. You can also set up an alarm, as well as signal to the staff if you want your room to be made up or you do not want to be disturbed. This hotel has given Chicken Boy ideas on how to automate our house while all I can do is bring my palm to my face. Not pictured is the telephone where there’s a special ‘Butler’ button if you need your own butler. I don’t know what I’d do with a butler, but the thought that there’s an option to have one was weirdly nice to have. Haha!

We also had a TV where there are only two English channels. You can turn up the volume of the television since rooms are soundproofed. The TV stand also acts as a storage to the fridge (filled with stuff you’ll be charged with), the safe, the water heater, complimentary tea and coffee, and other snacks (that’s not free). There are two 7 elevens that are nearby if you want to buy your own stash of snacks. Ask the concierge and they will give you directions. (They even bought some of the things we were looking for themselves, it’s crazy!)

The bathroom has sliding walls so you can take a dip in the tub and still be able to watch movies. However, if you need more privacy, you can slide the walls to enclose the bathroom.

Beyond the hotel lobby is the pool. There was a surprising number of people who got their photoshoots done within the hotel while we were there, and we couldn’t blame them. The gazebo, with the flamingo statues in the background, was a favorite spot.

The Ivory Lounge is where they hold functions and high tea. We wanted to try out their high tea (600 baht for 2 people) but never got to since it was closed for a private function the whole time we were there.

We got a complimentary punch from the pool bar. There was an ongoing promotion for 1+1 beer while we were there, too.

Our room came with free buffet breakfast from 6 AM-10 AM at Miss Siam Restaurant. It’s also open the whole day until 10 PM, and where room service food comes from. The first thing that will greet you in the morning is their egg station. You can order your eggs a couple different ways, and if you fail to tell the chef, a member of the staff will approach you at your table to ask for your egg order.

This is the congee/soup section. It’s basically an assemble your own soup/congee, and you just have to specify if you want either the broth or the congee. There were a lot of items you can place in it, too!

The ‘appetizer’ section had soups, one is a cream-based soup and the other is miso. They had a few types of cheese, yogurts in petite bottles submerged in ice, and, a salad bar with different vinaigrettes and dressings. What I loved to do with the yogurt is fill the bottle with the chopped mixed fruits from the salad bar. It was so refreshing!

I didn’t grab anything from the bread section because I’m not the biggest fan of bread for breakfast (unless it’s the only option of course). But you can smother your bread any way you want to with butter and their choices of jam.

This was what I believe is the ‘carbs’ section. They had Fried Rice with Egg, Noodle with Egg, Chicken Green Curry, Sausage, Bacon, and Beans. The last container at the far right changes daily although they do have a rotation of potato wedges, chicken, beef, and mashed potatoes.

Of course, they had desserts and fruits within the same table. I tried some of the desserts and I found some of the texture similar to kakanin. I went crazy with the fruits, especially the heart shaped slices of watermelon.

They didn’t have a wide variety of cereals but that wasn’t a big deal for me because the ones they do have I like (Chicken Boy is fond of Koko Krunch). You have a choice of drinking milk, orange juice, pineapple juice, or cold lemon water. In another table, there’s also the pot for tea and coffee, but they do ask you once you’re seated which one you prefer and pour it for you.

Overall, our stay at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel was great. The hotel design, the location, the huge room and the comfy bed, and the staff made our stay memorable. If we were to go back to Bangkok again, we would definitely come back and stay here again.

20 thoughts on “Bangkok 2017 || Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

  1. I’m dying over the thought of staying in a hotel that not only is near ALL the shopping, but has an adorable little swan made of towels! It looks like you had the best stay :). I’m definitely adding this to my list of places to go someday!


    • We did! The shopping area was in fact too nice, we ended up not buying a lot of things because the really nice material things in life are not cheap at all. Haha!


  2. That hotel looks pretty cool, especially the pool bar and how they set up all the fruits, so cute!! Enjoy the rest of your stay 🙂


  3. This looks like paradise ??? I think the biggest thing for me is always the bathtub haha it’s something nice to look forward to when you get back from exploring. I see that lush bag you have in the background too!! Exactly what E and I do when we go on vacation lol an excuse to splurge on bath bombs, body massage bars, expensive soap haha hope you’re having a good time!!


    • Hi Liane! 🙂 I enjoy rooms with tubs because I don’t have one at home lol. And it’s so relaxing soaking in hot water when your body’s tired from all the walking and what not. Honestly, the quality of LUSH bath bombs pale in comparison to the cheaper ones you can find in Bangkok. They had so many local brands and it was so so good! I went and hoarded a lot even if I know I wouldn’t really be able to use it haha


  4. Chicken boy and cupcake girl is a cute name! It’s great that you found some affordable hotels in Bangkok. It’s always great when you have a hotel in the middle of everything. That shopping mall sounds like the place to be XD. Your hotel looks super fancy and I love how they folded the swan! I need to book this hotel if I ever go to Bangkok. All of the amenities looks great! Glad to see you enjoying your time :).


    • Thanks, Nancy! I like to scour the internet for good deals on accommodations. I like Airbnbs and budget stays, but getting pampered once in a while seems like a nice vacation touch you know. There’s nothing like going back to a hotel room that’s pristine and you didn’t lift a finger to clean it. Hahaha!


    • I know! Ang hirap talaga bumangon. And one time, we wanted to buy something, so we asked the concierge/staff where we could buy it, they even offered to buy it for us. Nakakaloka! CAN I LIVE HERE ang drama ko haha


  5. When I read about the toilet, I thought “It must be a Toto.” And it was! The Mercedes Benz of toilet bowls! Ha! Ha! I have a Toto at home minus all the bells and whistles — really just for your basic number 1 or 2! LOL! I stayed at a hotel with one like the one you had at your hotel room, and I remember finding reasons to keep on going to the bathroom! It is my dream toilet bowl.LOL! It sounds like a really nice and enjoyable vacation for you. 🙂


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