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I literally hate brandishing the excuse of being ‘busy’ because it highlights poor time management on my part. But yes, I have been quite on the ‘just surviving’ state the past couple of weeks that my blog was put on the backburner until I finally get my head above water. Here’s me taking a couple of little gasps before I dive back into my nonvirtual life. But before I do, let me share with you guys (if anyone’s up to reading, that is) a couple of highlights while I was away.

I got promoted. I don’t even know how it happened because I wasn’t lobbying for a promotion at all, and not a lot of people get promoted mid-year. Personally, I have long stopped associating my job/job title as who I am. Because it’s not. I don’t hate it. It’s important as it gives me financial security, but I don’t go around on my free time telling people what I do for a living unless they ask and I rarely ever go into the specifics of it. It’s not something I’m passionate about, but it’s something I [think] I’m good at and pays for the things that make my heart flutter and nourish my soul. And my bills, too. So I go to work on time, do what needs to be done to the best of my abilities, and when I log out, I leave it all behind until I log back in again.

We’re celebrating our anniversary this month. Another year down, and as tradition, we are heading out to tick off another country on our list. I have completed all the minimal planning that needs to be done since C & I are not sticklers for itineraries. We prefer to make a short list of experiences we want to do and another list of things that we might want to do when we have extra time. Vacations are for destressing, and tight schedules achieve the opposite of that.

We’re already planning next year’s trips. We have an upcoming winter trip at the start of the year and another autumn trip late next year. Stoked is how I would put my feelings lightly. (And the family is going on a separate winter trip, so there’s that too.)

I’m so close to getting the right combination for my skin care. It still is not going to be a 10-step skin care because I’m not trying to fool myself that I’d be able to do all of them before falling asleep. Ha!

That’s about it, I guess. I’ve been thinking about doing a couple Q&A post with chicken boy for our anniversary, but I don’t know what questions to answer since we really don’t get a lot of them online. Haha! Let me know if there’s anything you’re interested to find out or any content idea and I will work on it. šŸ™‚ How have you been? I hope everyone’s doing well!

22 thoughts on “Life Lately || Busy Bee

  1. Hi Trisha! Congrats on the promotion and more importantly for the anniversary with Carlo! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures together! Cheers! šŸ˜‰


  2. Congratulations on the promotion! I get so frustrated when life gets in the way of blogging but sometimes that’s just the way things go. And I’d say a promotion is about the most exciting thing to be busy with, even if you’re not necessarily passionate about it. Hope you’re having a great week, Teesh!


  3. I find it totally acceptable that there are other things bloggers have been caught up with IRL. Self-progression and care first, blogging second!

    Congratulations on getting promoted and celebrating your anniversary! It’s great that you’re advancing in your workplace and having job security is very important. I’m proud of you :)! Hope you’ll have a nice celebration with C! Oh man, I’m still trying to plan my summer trip but the list is extensive!

    I guess here are my q’s:
    1. If you have conflicts, how do you two work together to resolve them?
    2. When was the moment you (you or C) realized that you loved the other person?


    • I agree with you, Nancy! Job security means I can sleep at night knowing my bills will get paid and I’ll have food on the table tomorrow. šŸ™‚ Thank you for your questions! I’ll take a note of it for when we actually find the time to do a Q&A!


  4. Congrats on your promotion! Even if it’s not a job that you necessarily care about, it’s still a mark of accomplishment. And happy soon anniversary! I would actually love to read your couples Q&A! Since I don’t know much about your relationship, all the questions are on the table! Maybe you can google some standard questions – I’ve seen them floating around the internet!


    • Thank you, Kim! šŸ™‚ I will! I’m still trying to find the time to actually sit down and get things up on the blog but once I do, I hope it’s not too boring. Hehe! Have a great weekend ahead!


  5. Congrats on your promotion! I get what you mean, I’ve been super busy, too, these past couple of days I barely managed to find any time for my blog as well. But then again, my time management is pretty bad šŸ™‚ Planning a new trip is always so exciting, where are you planning on going next? šŸ™‚


  6. Hi Teesh, Congrats on the promotion and anniversary! By the way, I followed you on Bloglovin. I created a new blog — and I finally got a domain name as well. Ha! Ha! Tumblr was fun but burnt me out. I just could not keep up. No one has found my Blogger blog yet but it’s okay. I am loving it! I just want to share. Pleae check it out when you can. Now I can easily find you on Bloglovin!


    • Oh hi Jas!! šŸ™‚ It’s been a long time since I read anything of your posts. I hope you don’t get burnt out on your new blog. I’ll check it out and have followed it via the WordPress Reader so I don’t miss any of your new posts. šŸ™‚


  7. The hearts were what burnt me out on Tumblr. I am grateful for the support but I just can’t find the time to reciprocate with heart bombs. With Blogger though I will ne able to manage the comments here and there if I even get them. LOL! It’s fine. I love blogging as an outlet anyway. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! At least I know that two people know that my blog exists! Ha! Ha! Tske care!


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