15 Days of Writing True || Life’s Dictionary

There has to be a word for forgiving but not forgetting. You forgive for yourself but remain cautious because you know what they are capable of.

There has to be a word for that rare chance where you say the right thing during a difficult time. L’esprit de l’escalier is missing the opportunity to say the perfect thing and the exact opposite of this word.

There has to be a word for knowing when to overcompensate for someone you’re in a relationship with (whether it is familial, platonic or romantic). This does not mean that you’re taken advantage of. It’s just that there are days where someone is only 40% in it, so you give 60% to make it complete. And if situations were reversed, they do the same for you.

There has to be a word that is dedicated entirely to a dog’s intuition in knowing when they need you to rub their belly. And in the process, make you feel like everything will eventually fall into place.

8 thoughts on “15 Days of Writing True || Life’s Dictionary

  1. I love how all of these definitions made me think carefully about what words I would associate with them. Forgiving but not forgetting is progress. You’re trying to move on but at the same time, not make the same mistakes.

    I agree with Heide that the rare chance of saying the right thing is luck. I find myself having a hard time finding that right word for a given situation.

    Knowing when to overcompensate is care. You care for them enough that you put out the extra energy when needed.

    I would call the last one magic because dogs (and other pets) can turn your mood to the right side!


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