15 Days of Writing True || Luggage

I have been struggling with producing content for this blog because even if my life was eventful, I felt like there really wasn’t anything I could write where the words were accurate, and the writing true. So when I randomly stumbled upon a writing workshop on Instagram, #15DaysOfWritingTrue, I went and took it. I was banking on the universe lending out a helping hand in pushing me to work on releasing my creative juices. Since this blog is a curation of life experiences I want to remember, I will be sharing all the things I produce during the workshop.

Before we started writing true, we had to make a list of reasons why we aren’t already. And here’s what I came up with:

  • I don’t feel like the appropriate words come out when I write. I don’t feel like I convey what I really truly mean. What’s in my head does not translate well into paper.
  • I don’t feel motivated most days. I’d sit there and the words just won’t come out.
  • I’m afraid that my writing is mediocre and the words I use are repetitive and worn out.
  • I have the time and I can make time to write. But I’m afraid that actually doing so will reveal that it’s actually not good enough.

I know most of it is repetitive. But having written them down on paper is actually pretty helpful because I realized that most of it stem from fear of not being good enough, and that’s an entirely different issue altogether. Here’s to hoping that I get over this soon!

4 thoughts on “15 Days of Writing True || Luggage

  1. I also only want to write if I am not being made to write. 🙂
    I also have no time and space to write. The bf is always watching TV and I am super-busy at work even though I really manage my own schedule and I can close my office door. I just steal snippets of time like right now while watching TV. When do you find the time to blog and write?


    • Hey Jas! Whenever I get the itch to write, I hit the ground running and start writing immediately whether it’s on my phone or directly on my blog with my laptop and just schedule my posts if ever I manage to produce more than one. I also have a posting schedule for that push when I’m simply procrastinating. 😛


  2. “fear of not being good enough”

    We have the same reason and I am not really sure if I’d ever get over it. Haha. I even have a blog which I don’t have the courage to share. 😛 Anyway, I’d love to try this workshop and see what happens after. 🙂


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