CRAZY LIPPIE HAUL || Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty

I’m not gonna lie, February was a whirlwind month for me. I have talked about it repeatedly over the last few posts so I’ll skip that and simply say: GUYS, I BOUGHT A LOT. Sure, wine did have a huge part in the decision making. There’s something so relaxing about lying in bed, drinking wine, and watching lipstick swatches over on Youtube.. that I got so relaxed, my inhibitions went away and I ordered so many lipsticks. How many? 29 different shades!

I was born and raised in the Philippines. It’s a beautiful country, but man, there’s a lot of downside in living in this place. Crappy politicians, the constant heat (I’m not even kidding when I tell people our seasons are just ‘hot’ and ‘hotter’) and heavy traffic aside, I hate the fact that a lot of things I want to buy has to go through resellers because I can’t just waltz in a store to buy it. Sure, you can order it online and have your items shipped here but it will have to go through Customs. And when you’re in the Philippines, there are controversies surrounding claiming your packages from Customs that you avoid the hassle and just buy from resellers. (Relevant link: Lifestyle checks for Customs workers) But I digress, let’s move on from irritating topics to fun ones!

Let’s face it, it takes a while to finish liquid lipsticks, unless you use the same shade every day. Mini lip kits are a great way to try different shades for less to find a shade you are willing to repurchase in its full-sized glory. I’ve been debating for a while now to get hold of Colourpop’s mini lip kits, and when they released their collaboration with Hello Kitty, I knew I had to get my hands on their Colourpop x Hello Kitty Puroland Mini Size Kit.

I have been wanting to try out Huda Beauty’s Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold but the reviews are super conflicting, I decided to browse their website and saw mini lip kits. I went and ordered three out of the four Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis.

I’m not fond of lip gloss.. I didn’t even own one until I bought both of Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Sets. Surprisingly, this was the product I was the most excited for after watching all those swatches on Youtube. I can’t wait to try them all on!

I got freebies with my order in the form of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Clinique Three Shades in 05 On Safari. The eyeshadow palette has shades that I don’t own yet, and are all shimmery which I like. I have brown eyes, and so this is pretty much perfect for me.

Now that I think about it, maybe it is a blessing in disguise that there’s a lot of brands I can’t buy here because I am weak and have zero self-control. Ha!! For anyone else looking to buy authentic makeup from the US, @scentsandbeautyph has the cheapest prices I could find for these items. Most items are pre-order based, though, so you will have to wait for it for at least two weeks. Not bad for the money you save. 😉

Which ones are your favorites? Should I make lip swatch videos for these products? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “CRAZY LIPPIE HAUL || Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty

  1. When I still lived in Baguio, I would have disagreed with you about the seasons being hot and hotter. Ha! But ever since I moved to live in Central Luzon, I could not agree more. I think every lady who is artistic has a craving to color anything including the face. I just bought 2 lippies this week. One was Colour Pop brand so it’s the first time I heard of it. I’m totally loving the glossy look of it. Could not help myself, though probably not as much as you. 😀


    • Hi Heide! Let’s all move (move back in your case) to Baguio. The temperature has been increasing so quickly these days, it’s driving me nuts (and very sweaty).

      Hahahaha! The thing about me and makeup is that once I buy a piece (I bought makeup brushes from Sephora), I get into a phase of just HOARDING everything I get my hands on. Lol!!! Then once I’m done with the phase, I don’t buy anything in a year. I’m done with buying makeup this year because of this lipstick haul! 😛 What shade did you buy from Colourpop?


  2. I feel you about buying a lot of stuff :I. Once I started, I have a hard time stopping XD. I love your lipstick haul! 29 different shades give you a lot of options to choose from! Having packages go through customs is never fun :I. I am always skeptical the package being tampered with for some reason. It’s always nice to get some bonus gifts from these beauty buys!


    • To be honest, it took me 3 days to lip swatch everything.. and by then, my lips were chapped and generally unhappy. Haha! I know! There has been so many people claiming that their packages have been tampered with and I don’t wanna deal with that!


  3. Ahhh I’ve always wanted to try Huda, but since I still have a couple of lipsticks from Colourpop, I’ve been holding it off. Grabe, I wanna go shopping too but somehow I know I’d feel guilty anyway so I’m trying to control all of my purchases. Haha! 🙂


    • GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I usually have self control when it comes to shopping.. I don’t know what happened. I’m still blaming the wine, k.

      The Huda lippies are nice, great packaging too. But honestly, you can buy cheaper liquid lipsticks that performs the same way. 😛


  4. Hi Teesh,

    I just got the exact Colourpop Hello Kitty from my BFF! OMG! I was so amazed at how great these lip glosses are!

    By the way, I re-did my Disqus account because I was not getting the comments on my email (yours actually because you are the only one who leave Disqus comments on my blog. LOL! I love finding your comments!) So, sorry for not responding.

    About the cruise, though, one day at a port is actually pretty good time to really explore. If we get to a port early in the morning and do not have leave until evening, I find it to be enough to see the city, do a day trip, enjoy a meal and stay away from the touristy port. Some ports are more touristy than others. I will post more on my Mexico travel. It is just so hard to find the time, though, and now I am finishing up on my birthday pictures. Happy Weekend!


    • That Hello Kitty set is such a great one to have. It has such a nice variety of shades. 🙂

      I’m excited to read more about your Mexico trip. Hope you had a fun weekend, Jas! ❤


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