MOTIVATION MONDAYS || I need to lose weight!

I’m not gonna lie, this is meant to be a filler post of sorts. I’m trying to get my shit together in updating all the old posts that were migrated from my old blog and has only recently finished updating my Hanoi posts from when I went to Vietnam in 2015. Saying 2015 make it seem like it has been a long time ago, but in my mind, it still feels like it’s only been a few months. It’s really weird going back to all the old posts because I can clearly see the phases I was in while I was writing them. Although that was clearly what I meant for my blog to do, reminiscing about the past has been a bittersweet exercise. So many things have happened that I’m still trying to get over from.. But I digress. This post was supposed to be about my weight loss goals and how I wrote something similar last year. As it turns out, just writing about it will not make it happen but here I am again!

Current Weight: 180 lb

Weight Goal: 130 lb

Why I need to lose weight: I think it’s important to always keep in mind why weight loss is important. I’ve been crazy sick the past few months and I have repeatedly been told that I needed to lose weight. I have officially crossed over to being Obese from being Overweight a few months ago. 130 lb is even cutting it close from a healthy BMI to Overweight, but I have learned to set realistic goals for myself.

How I plan to shed off the excess weight:

As they always say, healthy diet and exercise is the key to shedding off the pounds. Unlike last year, where I believed in actively [and abruptly] avoiding so many things, which in turn made me crave it more on cheat days, I am taking a go at this more slowly this time. I made it my resolution to not drink soda, and I haven’t had it since the beginning of the year. I’ve cut down on my red meat intake, and now I’m working on cutting down on my rice intake. After the hives fiasco, I lost 2+ kilos in two weeks without doing anything other than eating only fruits and vegetables. I now reach for fruits whenever I feel like snacking and it has greatly improved my metabolism as well.

As for exercising, I still have no plans in enrolling in a gym. I’ve tried it before and only lasted a month as I got bored with the routine workouts. Running on a treadmill with the same view drives me crazy, so I probably would start jogging (most likely brisk walking) with my dog around the neighborhood instead. I’m looking into taking random classes because I enjoy variety. I’ll keep you guys posted once I find something I enjoy.

I’ll do another check in after three months. There hopefully have been improvements by then. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

14 thoughts on “MOTIVATION MONDAYS || I need to lose weight!

  1. Go Teesh!

    Ako hirap talaga 😦 Heaviest ko talaga to so far~ Pero sakin medyo okay lang naman pero aminado ako pag maraming nangingialam (sa office, pag may family reunion, etc), naapektuhan pa rin ako minsan. Huhu hello kayo pa talaga nagttrack ng weight ko eh no. Kainis.

    Pero oo nga, dami ko rin sakit eh, feeling ko isa yun sa factors. Kaya natin to! 😀


    • Eto din heaviest ko so far!!! I hate it. May stretch marks na ako and all. Hindi talaga sya ok sa akin, kaya lang since papalit palit ako ng shift, sobrang hirap magcommit to anything. Huhu


  2. I stopped drinking soda this year too. I’m at my heaviest a few weeks ago. Already on the obese part of the BMI scale too. 😦 I don’t know why but just removing fast food made me lose a few pounds but I’m still very far hahaha. Goal weight is 130 too and I can’t believe that that’s still near being overweight. Like wut. Currently on a biggest loser challenge with my best friend to keep me motivated. I wish I have more guts to post something like this in my blog.

    Go Teesh! I’ll read your update after three months. 🙂


    • Good luck to us Richel! 🙂

      I did post this because it’s a personal blog and I usually mold my content to be posts about what’s happening to my life, and this is what is currently happening with me. I’d like to look back in three months and say yay I lost weight. Haha


  3. You can do it Teesh, besides you are young pa 🙂 don’t wait to reach my age where weight loss will be 100x more challenging. Sabayan kita, but I’m not as brave as you to post your weight haha so KUDOS to you!!


    • Hahaha! I was torn whether I should post it because I was scared that I may not lose weight and it would be embarrassing. But since I posted it, I am more motivated to lose weight to avoid humiliation. Hahaha!


  4. I keep on thinking that 2015 was *just last year*. Time is flying by way too quickly! Good luck with your fitness goal! It’s definitely doable as long as you set your mind and body to the right direction. I do agree that healthy diet and exercise is the key to losing weight. This includes watching portion size and the nutrition facts. I’ve been told that rice is a major factor because of the carbs that come with the consumption. (Though, it doesn’t help that a lot of Asian food is rice-based ;~;).

    I got bored of doing the same things (pure treadmill). Incorporating different workouts each day of the week can help with making things not seem so routine.


    • Being Asian, avoiding rice is REALLY hard, so I’m just cutting down on my portions. And yes, pure treadmill drives me crazy. 30 minutes on it, and I feel like I’ve ran my way to another country lol. I’m trying out different routines too, to find something I would want to stick to. Thanks to fitness apps that let you try out different things.


  5. What’s your height? Sorry, chismosa lang. Hahaha.

    I also need to lose weight. Right now, I’m at 140 but the doctor says I need to be at 125 (pero personal goal ko 130 lang kasi gusto niya by June na. I can’t do that, aminin na natin.) Anyway, I know it’s super hard to do especially for us working girls where exercising daily is not a possibility.

    A tip I’d like to share with you is bringing your own lunch to work. You can easily cut down portions and control what you eat. Also, try drinking green tea as your first drink when you wake up. 🙂

    Good luck to us! We can do it. 😀


    • Hi Kat! I’m 5’3″. Haha! I have tried drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in a little water as my first drink after waking up!

      Good luck to us! I believe in you!


  6. My target weight is 130 lbs too! I’m also trying the ACV diet once or twice a day before eating meals and I guess it helps a lot to improve my metabolism. I add a tbsp of honey and a dash of cinnamon for every glass of ACV solution. Sometimes I add a tsp of instant salabat just for variation. Push lang for a healthier us! Good luck to us and God bless. 🙂


    • Yeah, my metabolism is a huge problem too. And it doesn’t help that I have PCOS which messes with my sugar level and in turn makes it harder for me to lose weight. Ugh!!!

      Good luck to us. I believe in you! ❤


  7. I can relate! It is so freakin’ hard to lose weight. When I used to run, I could eat anything and remained skinny. The only time I was able to lose weight without exercise was when I cut down on my carb intake. The book “Bread is the Devil” helped me. (I hate the title because of “D”. LOL! but it was a practical book!) Sad thing is I am a carb addict!


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