HAUL || January + February 2017

Hey, everyone! Does anyone else also feel a bit of disbelief that February is already ending, but yet it’s only even February? Because I totally do. I feel like so much has already happened in such a short span of time, it’s making my head spin. It’s also literally making me sick. Early this year, I’ve had to deal with a cancer scare, thanks to the great doctor who checked up on me and went “it could either be an infection or cancer”. Since there is a multitude of health concerns that can be inherited from either side of the family, you have no idea how terrified I was the two weeks I had to undergo tests and wait for the diagnosis. C and I celebrated the day I was told it was only a cancer scare and I had seafood ramen for dinner.. which then triggered an allergic reaction. As it turns out, it was a ‘chance’ reaction to seafood that lasted for two weeks where I was put on a hypoallergenic diet. The spots are still subsiding up to now, though, but at least it’s not as visible anymore. I also had to adjust my body clock back to day shift after working the night shift for more than a year, which in turn weakened my immune system enough for me to catch the flu. Three weeks in, I’m back to working the night shift, and I guess you can already see where this is going. I’m sick again and has been constantly plagued by migraines. I really need to up my vitamin game. Any suggestions?

With all the health concerns, I spent half the time being sad about it, and the other half throwing money at my feelings. It is during this kind of days where I felt like it’s mom who made our home feel like home, and even if I stay in because I’m sick it doesn’t feel as homey as it used to be. Even shopping therapy can’t stop me from missing her. Fortunately, I didn’t spend more than I can afford (personal rule when spending money). But I also wasn’t as frugal as my mom would have preferred (please don’t haunt me).

I have an abundance of dresses, skirts, and (surprisingly, for someone living in this tropical country) knit sweaters, in my closet. But I seriously lack tops. The start of the year meant ‘end of season’ sales everywhere, which I took advantage of when I went inside MANGO to find out they were selling their tops for a little more than a quarter of the original price. I got tops in white (the little floral embroideries grabbed me), peach, and moss green (I didn’t see that the string for the button had a problem 😦 ). Admittedly, my color palette could rival ones of a unicorn a few years back, but I’m now at the phase where I lean towards muted colors, as you can see from my purchases below.

I also got some items from Old Navy – this burgundy pair of pants are so comfortable and something you can dress up or dress down in. I also bought this white shirt which cost less than Php 200 because I don’t own one yet (I know, right). The swimwear was sold separately but since I found a matching pair, I bought it. I am in love with those scalloped edges! Now I only need to get back to having red hair, and I can pretend I’m the little mermaid again.

I ordered the ZOEVA Bamboo Luxury Set brushes I wanted from Sephora that I didn’t get to buy in Singapore since it was only available online. It’s such a great purchase – the brushes are soft, have minimal fallout, and applies like a dream. It also comes with a nice beige pouch that I will be using when I’m traveling. I also bought a box of Benefit Cosmetics 1st Prize – Strobing & Highlighting Set since I have no idea how to use a highlighter yet, and I wanted to try out the ones from Benefit before buying anything full sized. I got a laptop sleeve freebie which turned out to be useful since my laptop fit nicely in it.

Since I don’t really do a lot of eye makeup, I don’t own any eyeshadow palettes. I decided that it’s about time to invest in one and looked around for a nice all around palette. After reading a lot of reviews, I went and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette from @themakeupstore.mnl. She has a lot of on hand items for people like me who hates waiting. For those who don’t mind waiting and want to buy it for a price that’s a little bit cheaper, you can also get it from @scentsandbeautyph. I preordered quite a stash of lip products from her that will be arriving next month. I can’t wait to show you guys!

I went with C to Nuvali on another shopping trip (yes, we literally name our dates where one of us are planning to buy something as ‘shopping trips’), as he was on a lookout for new leather shoes. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything.. and here we are. I got this peach knee-length pleated dress because I have a variation of dresses with this style but not this color yet (I am very fond of plain knee-length dresses). I also got a pair of dark green jeans from UNIQLO since C has one, and it looked great on him lol. My last clothing purchase is of this knit sleeveless turtleneck that was on sale from Cotton On which I bet I can pair with all the skirts I own. Yas!

My last purchase for this month is a laptop. I have gone four years without my own by borrowing from either my siblings or C, but I have found myself using it more and I just can’t share one anymore. I looked around and really liked the ASUS Zenbook 3 in Rose Gold. Unfortunately, it was consistently unavailable here in Manila since it launched, so we went around and compared other laptops that had similar specs. I’ve owned it for a few weeks now, and so far, no regrets!

Let me know in the comments below if these monthly haul posts are something you’d like to read again, or if I should do something else. Kinda weird writing about it too, because I feel like I burned so much money away. Haha!

25 thoughts on “HAUL || January + February 2017

  1. Those brushes!!!! I want to buy my own set but makeup and I are having a time out atm. Also, take care of your health. As someone who used to abuse my body by working weird shifts, I know how easy it is to forget about it. Basta get a lot of rest, eat healthy food, try to get some exercise and drink vitamins. I always opt for Centrum kasi complete daw. Haha. 😀


    • OMG it took me a lot of research to find which brush set I wanted to buy. I don’t really use a lot of brushes for daily use, so I just wanted a set with all the brushes I needed. 🙂

      I’ve been struggling with trying to get a lot of rest because my body doesn’t know how to shut down while sleeping now haha!


  2. I can’t believe how fast the year is going! I felt as if January was yesterday. Even though you had to go through diagnosis, at least it was just a scare and you’re okay :). It takes time for our bodies to adjust to different environments.

    It looks like you bought some cute clothes! I am digging the swimsuit set :). The eyeshadow palettes look great too! Congratulations on the new laptop purchase! I love how gold it is!


  3. I cannot imagine what you have gone through during those weeks of diagnostic tests Teesh Doctors should not tell patients that they might have cancer without definitive diagnosis. For me, it was not setting expectations but giving patients unnecessary worry. Grr! Good thing the result’s negative! And congratulations for getting your own laptop!


    • Hi Milet! I actually went because I had lumps that developed out of nowhere.. I booked it to the hospital for a check up because I can get a little bit crazy over my health (my mom didn’t show any symptoms until it was too late, and by then she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer). Whenever I go on any kind of check up, I mention this, as well as all sorts of illnesses I’ve ever had to make sure they don’t miss out on anything. T_T


  4. Personally haven’t had very good luck with Dell products, but that laptop is truly beautiful. I’m pretty sure that they have improved since I had a Dell though.

    Sometimes, shopping is the best therapy.


  5. I am planning to buy new laptop too since my laptop is giving up on me already. However, I find it too difficult to save money! I think I will end up in getting my laptop fixed if that is way cheaper. But your new laptop looks so good and I am so inggit. Hihi. I need to save!


  6. First of all, I am glad that you are totally okay! What a scare! Doctors should have filters instead of blurting out unsubstantiated scary medical conditions….When I read your post I remembered that I bought bamboo brushes about two months ago and completely forgot about them. Talk about retail therapy. And I love Mango! I bought a bunch of Mango dresses and accessories when I went to the PI few years ago, and a dress when I was in Spain. We have Mango stores here in SF as well but somehow it was more fun shopping in other countries. By the way, sorry to hear about what is going on in the PI right now. Take care and be safe!


    • Thank you, Jas, as always for reading! It’s kinda scary to be in crowded places right now but the risk is everywhere. Take care, too!


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