Singapore 2016 || Science Centre Singapore & IMM

I’m finally on to the second to the last post of this travel series! Once I’m done with the final installment of Singapore 2016, I’ll be going through my old posts that were migrated to this blog from my old Tumblr and update some of the content (most of the links still link back to old Tumblr posts). I’m still unsure what kind of blog (and Youtube) content I will start producing once I’m done with the series but I already wrote down some ideas on my planner to work on during weekends. I plan on making more baking posts this year because I did not name this blog ‘Adventures of Cupcake Girl’ for nothing. Ha! If you have any suggestions for me on what else you want to see, let me know in the comments! 🙂

I’ve been quite busy the past week and I have spent my limited free time catching up on blogs I follow and working on my remaining backlog. The daily commute is already taking a toll on my patience now that I’m back on the day shift which starts at 8 AM and ends 10 hours after. I live in Cavite and work at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, and the public transportation is such a pain to figure out daily (especially during rush hours). UGH. I wish I could have more Mondays like the last one we had in Singapore.

As per usual, our day started off late. We needed to make a decision on whether to use our remaining Park Hopper tickets for River Safari. The rides were suspended the previous day due to the rain so we didn’t get to use it. However, the sky was dull and gray, so we decided against it lest the rides were suspended again. With that decided, we headed to the nearest mall once more for brunch. I had the ‘healthy’ rice meal in a clay pot (I only assumed that it was because there was a calorie count in the menu), while the siblings ordered from another stall. It may sound weird, but it was a proud moment for me to have grown up siblings who can make up their own minds and decide on their own (even if it was on small decisions like what to eat or on clothes to buy). All throughout our lives, we were all dependent on mom to make those small yet tedious decisions for us. She did raise us to be functioning adults who can take charge of our lives, but on chances that we have a hard time making up our minds or when we don’t even know what we want, mom was always there to help us. We miss her presence the most whenever we’re faced with moments when our first instinct is to ask what mom would do. Sorry, I’m rambling. Let’s blame it on my crazy hormones that get triggered once a month (if you get what I mean).

Someone got tired from the weekend!

As mentioned in a previous post, I already booked tickets for the Science Center for a previous date. It did say on the ticket that it’s valid for a certain amount of time after the date you bought it for, but I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be. It, fortunately, was still valid and we didn’t have to endure the long ticketing queue. I’m quite an impatient person so I avoid queues like the plague. Claiming our tickets at the Visitor Service Centre (right at the entrance) had me sighing out in relief.

Our ticket also includes an admission for one of the movies showing at the Omnitheater. The Omnitheater is a dome theater, the biggest one of its kind in Asia. Due to its shape and the 3D glasses (that were super awesome because it also accommodates people wearing glasses since it wraps around your head), the entire screen seemed to come to life the moment it started screening. I’ve had to dodge 3D fishes swimming towards me! You know how relaxing watching fishes are? So relaxing that we all ended up falling asleep around 15 minutes into the movie. Hahaha! Even my sister who is a pro at watching movies (she stays awake no matter how dragging the storyline is) did not manage to fight off the lull of sleep.

I enjoy interactive museums, and you’d find me and C putting this kind of activities into our itinerary. Luckily, both the sibs like it as well (although maybe not as much as I do :p ) and we had so much fun exploring the museum. We’ve been to the Science Centre before, and have been to a couple other ones since, but science is an interesting subject in itself. Learning about it in a fun way like this is a great way to entice children (and everyone, really) to know more!

Since we were already on our last few days in Singapore, I decided to start hunting for a Christmas gift for C. He was bummed out that we didn’t get to spend Christmas together, so I wanted to get him something nice. Since we were already in the area, I knew we had to drop by IMM which is a big outlet mall. We took an Uber (remember that pro tip a few posts back about uber rides being cheaper than Comfort del Gro cab rides) to the outlet mall which was more convenient since it was quite a walk from the Science Centre. The mall had a lot of expensive brands that were selling things for a fraction of the price that it was packed with tourists and practical shoppers alike. Some brands even had a queue outside their store like COACH. Everyone knows I’m not a fan of queues that we never went inside, but I did find a lot of great deals in the mall. However, I was determined not to buy anything for myself. I can compare my shopping-without-an-item-in-mind habit with going down a rabbit hole where I come out the other side broke and laden with more paper bags than I can carry. Yup, nothing for me today! The mission to find C a gift was a success, and even the siblings found a gift for C as well. Everyone in our household is fond of C, even our house help since he never forgets to also bring her a souvenir whenever he goes on a trip. I am sometimes in awe of how I landed this guy. ❤

We got tired from all the shopping that we sat down for snacks at STREATS Hong Kong Cafe. As we’ve observed during our stay, the ordering system in the cafe caters to tourists (and staff that may or may not speak English) as you only need to put a check mark on your orders on a piece of paper. I’m not the biggest fan of what we ordered though as I found everything.. well, average.

On our way back to the apartment, we found directions to walk back to the train station via the J-Walk. We followed it and in true me fashion, we got lost. We may have taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a completely opposite direction that the train station. What to do? I booked another uber back to the apartment. Bye money!

6 thoughts on “Singapore 2016 || Science Centre Singapore & IMM

  1. Excited for the baking posts! I love baking (and eating)! Too bad I don’t have the equipment. It would be cool if you also write about no bake treats. I’m sure they’ll be easy and fun to make, not to mention extremely delicious.


    • I don’t have a lot of equipment too! I’m still saving up for a Kitchen Aid! 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestions Roanne! I’ll look into no bake desserts. ❤


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