Weekly Vlog #5 || Seoul Haul & Life Lately

It’s Mondaaaaaaaaaay! I usually post these vlogs on Monday mornings, so here ya go! As I mentioned from my previous post, I slightly bought more items than I usually do while traveling in Seoul. Here’s my Korean skincare haul. 🙂

Life hasn’t been too eventful lately. It’s actually giving me anxiety because I’m an overthinker and I often feel like when things are going well, something is about to go shitty. Times like these are classified as ‘the calm before the storm’ in my head. It’s great that I have a life partner who is 100x more carefree than me. He gets me to unwind and not go on full batshit crazy mode. (I trained him well lol)

I’m also trying to finish packing my clothes because I’m going on my last vacation for this year. I’m excited even if it’s to a destination I have been to countless times (hint: It’s a small country). The only problem with that is that I don’t know what else to put in our itinerary. Ha! But I’m traveling with my sister who is a minor, and she already had a travel certificate to this country (a document you need to travel with minors who are not your children to be able to get out of the Philippines). It didn’t help that I got cheap airfare and bought it on a whim. The previous sentence is literally the story of most of my travels. Hahaha!

VIDEO DISCLAIMER: I didn’t realize that the video cuts out at 13:44 (until I have posted this) which is weird because the video was 14+ minutes long. Oh well! Too lazy to re-upload a new one because we have slow internet connection.

And I guess that’s it. I don’t know how to end this post as I’m typing this half awake, with high hopes that no grammar nazi will come in to slay me once it’s been published. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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