Cupcake Girl Goes Solo: Taipei 2016 Highlights

Hello again! 🙂 I haven’t really blogged/vlogged about anything lately because life’s been – spoiler alert, I’m quoting Mean Girls – a stressful, surreal blur. Coming back from Seoul, I jumped back to hustlin’ since I needed to recover from the crazy spending I did over there. Haha! I usually budget enough money for trips and always come home with extra money. I also am not a fan of shopping abroad (I like to think I’m frugal ya know). In this case, though, I have had to withdraw extra money because I went over budget. It’s so easy to splurge in South Korea with all the street food, cheap authentic Korean cuisine, skin care(!!!), and Lotte Mart. Admittedly, I only even went overboard because I had to buy new shoes (my feet were bleeding from the only pair of shoes that I brought) and I saw this leather backpack that was perfect for C. Ha! But if I subtract those purchases, my budgeting is perfect. 😛

Another nice life event is my dog, Rox, gave birth to six puppies with her third pregnancy! Her first time had her giving birth prematurely to two puppies, the second one was to three puppies (only one survived but she died a few weeks after my mom did), and now we have three living puppies! I’m not sure if we are going to keep them yet, seeing that three more dogs are a lot of responsibility and I don’t think I am quite capable of taking care of them yet. I’m sending out feelers to friends who are interested in adopting aspins (I ‘adopted’ Rox as a two-month old puppy back in 2009). I hope they end up in good homes. 🙂

I guess that’s it for now, really. As I’ve said, I’ve been spending my time juggling managing the household, my full-time job, my home-based baking gig (aka I bake cakes/cupcakes/cookies for friends who need ’em for some extra ka-ching ka-ching), date nights with C, and.. well, sleeping. I hope things are going well with everyone!

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