Weekly Vlog #4 || Abby Jocson Bag Haul

Hi! So this was the footage that I was talking about on my previous vlog post. It was shot during the same week as vlog #3, but since I didn’t really wanna make a lengthy video, I decided to split it into two! It may seem like I’m a crazy shopper but I did buy the bags during their anniversary sale (Oct 10-16). Not only were the bags heavily discounted during that time, they also had a 10% off promo code on top of the total if you purchase on the first day. I’ve always wanted to order a bag from her and I didn’t know which ones to get (because everything looked so pretty). I’m just glad I got the chance to choose so many!

I’m heading to Seoul with my friends soon which is exciting. Travel posts are my favorite things to produce because I like writing down my experiences so I can look back on it someday. However, I’m also in the process of procuring a new laptop. I haven’t had a functioning one for ages (FOUR YEARS YO), and I was mostly using my sister’s PC for my blogging needs. Unfortunately, that broke down as well. C has a spare netbook he’s letting me borrow, but I think it’s about time I invest into one (definitely not a Macbook cos that shit is expensive) that will last me for at least five years (the last one I had lasted for six years until it gave up). Anyway, I said all that just to conclude with the disclaimer that my Korea posts will most likely be delayed as I’m gonna post it once I have a new machine! Lots of exciting things (lol) to look forward to. 🙂

One thought on “Weekly Vlog #4 || Abby Jocson Bag Haul

  1. Wow, good choice. Seoul is one of the best city and I am sure, you will certainly enjoy the culture and your stay there. Don’t forget to share your photos and experiences.


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