Weekly Vlog #2 || Tagaytay Weekend

Hello! I’ve been a bit MIA – the past few weeks have been quite busy. It was hectic enough that C and I decided to book a weekend off the grid so we could relax. And where else do we go but in Tagaytay? (I was giggling when I wrote this because I literally live less than an hour away from Tagaytay haha) I’m a big fan of staycations and I always have an eye out for interesting listings or hotel rooms (I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this blog has noticed by now). I have so many Airbnb listings saved up, just waiting for the right moment to be booked! Moongarden Casita has always been an eye-catching one, and we decided to finally book it. You can sign up via this link and get Php 950 off from your first booking! 🙂

The pictures of the casita online looked exactly as it was in person. The room itself is quaint and cozy. The slightly unfinished theme of the decor worked very well. C and I were a little hesitant if we c

We didn’t really see any other guests that weren’t couples.

The bathroom had enough towels, soap and shampoo bottle from Ilog Maria, and even insect repellant lotion. C kept getting bit by insects but I wasn’t.

It wasn’t called a garden for no reason. No wonder Tony (one of the hosts) was thin! He gets to walk up and down a number of stairs every day.

We’re almost always in Tagaytay every weekend and we already have our favorites. But for this weekend, we wanted to try restaurants that we haven’t tried before. I, of course, wanted to try the ones that are located in the side streets to which C replied “hipster!”. We ended up at Lime & Basil Thai Restaurant. It’s probably one of the best decisions ever.

This is your usual fish crackers – it’s the sauce that was the star of the show!

I honestly did not expect the fresh spring rolls to be this big and this many, but here it is. The prices at Lime & Basil are pretty average in comparison to the usual Thai restaurants in Makati, but the serving is bigger. The establishment looks like it’s part of the house that’s in the same compound.

We also had Bagoong Rice, Chicken Sate, and Tofu Curry. One of our travel goals is to someday get our asses to Thailand to stuff ourselves silly with Thai cuisine. #ThisIsWhyWeFat

Banana Fritters with Langka icecream! (C thought it was cheese ice cream though)

We went back to the casita to just chill and relax. (we were also too full to move haha)

We went out for dinner and was planning to check out the mall when we passed by the Red Bus Mobile Diner. (On a personal note: I believe the abundance of malls and condominiums in Tagaytay have overall abolished the relaxed vibe)

To be completely honest, we’ve had better burgers.

Our stay is inclusive of free breakfast. Tony asked us for what we wanted when we checked in and informed us that they start serving breakfast at 7 AM.

C had Adobo Flakes while I had Longganisa. I liked his breakfast better, which is a surprise in itself because I usually have tastier orders haha!

We had lunch reservations for Marcia Adams after checking out. I’ve always wanted to try it because it’s basically insta-famous. I mean, come on, look at that big ass window transporting you all the way to Italy.

The restaurant serves three-course Mediterranean cuisines. C and I both had hummus for starters. While good, the hummus from Kismet Cafe still tops the list of all the hummus I’ve tried.

I had Grilled Pork while C had Chicken Kebabs. Both our orders tasted great, and once again, C got the better tasting one. The kebab was so flavorful – I wanted to lick my spoon clean.

For dessert, C had banana split where they serve the banana slightly grilled(?) and still within its peel.

I had the strawberry yoghurt ice cream. I’m drooling while writing this!

It was overall, a rejuvenating weekend. I think the time we spent out of the hustle bustle of our weekdays and into the relative calm of [not so] chilly Tagaytay did us well. Now I hope this renewed energy lasts me the entire work week!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog #2 || Tagaytay Weekend

    • All those places are not along the highway, but for Moon Garden, I think you can take maybe a jeepney (I’m not sure because I’ve never tried to commute headed towards Sta. Rosa)? And walk towards it. It’s behind Kasa Luntian and the same path that has the Los Arboles Tagaytay sign. Malapit lang naman.

      Lime & Basil/Marcia Adams – also accessible. Just take the bus heading to Batangas, get off at the Tagaytay Zoo. Across the street is Brgy. Sikat. You can’t miss it, there’s a sign. 😉 Marcia Adams is nearer, just look for a yellow door. Lime & Basil mas malayo ng onti, still walking distance though. 🙂 There’s also a Mexican restaurant between the two na very Instagrammable from the outside that we didn’t get to try!


  1. I wanna go on a staycation toooo! I love staycations even if it was only one time that I experience it. Oh and the food looks really tempting! Hihihihi. :>


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