Tokyo, Japan Vlog || Part 2

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that this is my last #JapAnniversary post. I’m quite giddy since it’s been a while since I finished a series of posts in a relatively timely manner (that did not span months lol). However, I tend to use writing travel posts as a means to reminisce how much fun I had, and finishing it feels like going back to my uneventful everyday life. The bright side is I have an upcoming trip next weekend! I’m so excited about it even though it’s only for four days and I still have not gotten my visa yet [as of writing]. I pushed back the visa application to the last minute and as a result, my anxiety is threatening to bubble over from the moment I submitted the requirements. Back story: first attempt was a bust because I wasn’t feeling very well. I then contacted the agency nearest to where I live and I was told that their visa processing fee + handling fee is thrice the price of the actual visa fee (what!!!). So I made another attempt, only to realize that I had the wrong set of requirements halfway to Makati, as I had another batch of mostly the same documents addressed to another embassy in an identical clear plastic envelope. Pft. I suck. I’m hopeful that I’ll be getting good news on Monday. 🙂

I couldn’t be more grateful that my first actual visa application (non-work related) was a success, though. It got my feet walking the streets of Japan! We had another red-eye flight back to Manila, so C and I had the entire day to do our last minute shopping (I mostly bought food) and visit some sights that we missed. I had three photos in total for Day 6 and I’m including 2/3 of those photos in this post. Haha! It was weird that I got stared at more because I sported Kourt K on my lips, rather than when I was walking around with a gigantic red bow headband and tutu on (I barely even got a second glance). It says a lot about what they are used to seeing. I wanted to try out one of the Japanese beauty trends where they put blush on under your eyes because I saw tons of females with that look all over Tokyo.. but I have to stay true to who I am (ay wow!), and I’m a solid dark-lippie girl through and through.

It rained the whole day and made it hard for us to whip out our phones to take pictures. I did take a quick snap of the Hachiko statue that I dragged C to. I remember crying when I watched the movie, and this is actually always listed as one of the top things to do in Tokyo.

After paying homage to the famed statue, C and I once again got into something petty and spent a few hours fuming. He wanted to go back early to the apartment to rest, while I wanted to hunt down the Snow Dome Museum where you can create your own snow globes. One thing you should know about me is that I am not big on shopping while traveling, but I do buy a souvenir snow globe for every time I go out of the country. This started when I went on my first trip with my own hard earned money, and I plan on having a glass display case in my future home abundant with snow globes. 🙂 I’m a stubborn person by nature, and didn’t want to budge, so C begrudgingly went with me to the Setagaya Craft School. The school itself is not located near the train station, and three blocks later of walking in the rain, I almost wanted to wave my white flag. I was still seething because I nearly didn’t get my way (stubborn, I tell you) that I decided to let my pride get the best of me. I did end up apologizing first in the end when we got there and I found out that it’s crazy expensive to make your own snow globe (mine was the smallest size with a cherry blossom tree inside). We got back to the apartment on time, had lunch, and double-checked our things before leaving for the airport. C could only shake his head when we got there and found bigger snow globes that are way cheaper than what I paid for. Haha!

To end this series, here’s part 2 of our Tokyo vlog! 🙂 I really think I can do this vlogging thing whenever I’m traveling. It looks like a fun way to document future adventures. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan Vlog || Part 2

  1. Do you edit your videos? What do you use? I want to start vlogging too but my laptop is too slow ugh I gotta buy a Mac soon (someday, when I’m not spending my money on flights haha)

    I’ll be in Japan next month, but only to Osaka. Looking forward to going to Tokyo and seeing Hachiko. It reduced me to tears too, not good since I was in a bus going to Batangas at that time!


    • Hi Aleah! The only editing I do is attaching them all together and putting music on. Nothing fancy. I’m just using Windows Movie Maker because I really do not do a lot of editing. I think the hardest part is just picking which footage goes into the video haha! (I personally wouldn’t spend so much on a Macbook, value for money isn’t that high at least for me =))))))

      Osaka sounds great!! I’m excited to read about your trip! And crying in a bus is a totally normal reaction! 😛


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