Tokyo 2016 || Tokyo Disney Sea

UPDATE: This post has been edited and partially proofread. One of my friends who actually take the time to read the blog sent me a message with an opening line of “didn’t you take a writing workshop last year? Your most recent blog post will get ambushed by grammar nazis!” That’s what I get from writing a post after night shift. Ha!

I have now created enough momentum for myself to be able to post at least one post a week now, which is a drastic improvement from actually forgetting to blog for months. Ha! This feat is made harder by the fact that the machine I’ve been using for blogging, editing photos, and generally my personal use, refused to boot. I still don’t have the time now to have it fixed, but I am hopeful that it will get fixed before my next trip which is in less than two weeks! How exciting, right? 🙂 (The fact that I still don’t have a valid visa for it sucks but I’m positive I’ll be successful with the visa application *fingers crossed*)

C and I always say “you know what, let’s be kids forever”, and we found that the best way to just do exactly that is to go on at least one amusement park everytime we take a trip (granted this is only our second out of the country trip together). We decided to go all out and visit both Disneyland theme parks in the city within our six-day stay and we were not disappointed. Well, unless we count the food experience.

Instead of having our breakfast inside the park, we ordered our first meal for the day at one of the cafes lining the train station exit. Looking back now, I wish we had thought of buying our own baon from Kitchen Onigiri. There’s no denying that it’s common knowledge that food inside and within vicinities of theme parks cost dollah dollah bills (no matter the serving nor taste). Ka-ching!

We learned from Day 2 and decided to time our arrival to the park after the actual opening time (past 9 AM), hence, there were no more queues in both ticket booth and entrance.

The park though is still crowded, which is kind of a surprise, given that it is a Monday.

The entrance is nearby the area that was constructed to look like Venice, which immediately had me telling C that “this place is so much better than Disneyland”. Haha!

I wish I went to Venice instead of Japan.. kidding! But someday! 🙂

You can actually ride a gondola, and we saw a few people lining up to get in one, but we decided to first get a fast pass for one of the rides. We sat down and marked all the rides we wanted to go on (instead of exploring the entire place first) and got a fast pass for the ride that was the nearest which was the Tower of Terror. It was a good thing too because the fast pass we got at 10 AM is already for 6:30 in the evening and the waiting time displayed is 80 minutes (!!!). Meanwhile, the waiting time for fast pass holders is enough to line up for another ride. Crazy!

So excited to get my ass to Venice (although probably not within the next year because ~*money*~ but 2017, maybe?)!

That big ass structure over there is the Tower of Terror. If you plan to visit Tokyo DisneySea, do yourself a favor and get a fast pass for this ride the moment you step in the park. The waiting time was so consistent throughout the entire day at 80 minutes. On a Monday!

Now let’s pretend we’re on the streets of New York.

The setting is of vintage New York city, rather than the modern scenes I now see in movies. But what do I know, I have never been to the US. Ha!

We were trying to find the vehicle that uses the track that lines the street but we never found it until later in the afternoon. However, I just bought a big cup of dessert when we did and they do not allow food and beverages within the ride. 😦 Super sayang because the line was not bad at all.

You have to buy a toy that acts as a key for this Mickey Mouse statues(?) that lights up when you plug it in. I can’t remember how much it was but I recall telling C it was ‘bloody expensive’ and it’s Disneyland so what else would you expect. It is pretty at night, though!

When I saw the icecream stall, I went and bought a seashell-shaped icecream sandwich. ❤

The kind of photos my boyfriend likes to take of me

Our first ride was the Journey to the Center of the Earth-themed ride. To get there, just look for the volcano spouting out smoke. The line was long and had a 40 minute waiting time, but since we did not have to queue under the scorching sun, we were good. We were surrounded by Japanese teens in the queue, and although they were a bit rowdy, they were so mindful of our personal space. I swear, most Japanese people we encountered are well-mannered. Aside from the [authentic Japanese] food and the efficiency, I would like to go back to Japan because of the people. 🙂

This is the center of the Mysterious Island part of the theme park. It’s so whimsical – it feels like I’m in a movie set!

That circular pathway right there is the place to queue for one of the rides where you board a submarine and is submerged in the water. I’m pretty sure the submarine does not actually go down the water (I checked and it was dry when we got off *gullible*) but it was pretty realistic.

Mermaid Lagoon is probably the most whimsical of them all, especially with this colorful structure that had bits and pieces of actual seashells attached to it. However, the rides are more for children which could be expected as it is ‘The Little Mermaid’-themed, so we simply passed this on our way to the Lost Delta.

Within the Lost Delta is the only ride with an actual 360-degree loop and the Indiana Jones themed-ride, so we headed there next.

We also had our lunch in Lost Delta. Sorry to say, Disney does not know how to do good food. Cute, yes. But something that is worthy of the price tag? Nah. This is probably our most expensive meal in Japan but it was just meh.

Oily! I asked C how I looked and to answer that question, he took a photo of me lol

The Arabian Coast predictably had Aladdin-themed rides, and again, had children as their target audience. So we just roamed around to take photos instead of lining up for any of the rides.

I went ahead and teased C that he fits right in this place due to his Middle Eastern features. I’m not even kidding because while I mostly get mistaken as an Asian (apparently I look like a HK local, in Singapore – Indonesian, in Vietnam/Cambodia/even my home country – Korean, in Denmark I was told that I looked Asian but like a halfie), C is told he has either Middle Eastern/Indian (there were times where he was told this lol) genes. He also has an interesting middle name that’s not Pinoy at all. Our future children are gonna be cute interracial babies. 😛

Look at the water fountains! I love details like this as it really ties in with the theme.

We started walking back to the American Waterfront area and passed by the Mediterranean Harbor. That view is magic. ❤ (*hint*ADOPT ME JAPAN*hint*)

Time for another icecream break! If only I lose weight like magic, I will probably live on icecream, potatoes, and chocolates. Ahh, I need that three wishes.

They had this cup of icecream over shaved ice and blue liquid which looked and tasted interesting, until I had my hands all sticky because I’m a messy icecream eater. C bought a plate of poutine from a nearby stall, which was a bit disappointing to be honest. (Bring your own food at Disneyland kids!)

This could actually be a super romantic stroll along Venice. Bring me there!! (Hello Carlo, you read my blog, right?!)

(It wasn’t as romantic when we were walking because all I could feel are my tired toes hahaha)

We decided to leave earlier because we both knew it’s going to be harder to secure seats at the train when you leave after the fireworks show in Disneyland. Here’s a couple photo for this post! (I just realized that this post contained none until I got to the last photo)

And that’s it for our second to the last day in Tokyo! If you’re strapped in time and you’ve already been to other Disneylands, I highly suggest picking Disneysea over Disneyland. The rides are so much better (for those who like fast rides), and the themed areas are way more unique in comparison with the other Disneylands (I’ve only been to two :P).

PS For the love of God good food, pack a freaking lunch box. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tokyo 2016 || Tokyo Disney Sea

    • Hi Alessi!!! 🙂 You know me – I like to eat, so food is always something I look forward to. Haha! I hope I can maintain this weekly posts! 🙂


  1. The only theme park I wanted to visit in Japan at first is Universal Studios. But after seeing this, I wanted to experience Tokyo Disney Sea too! It’s so beautifuuuul! 😀


    • Yes! I would definitely recommend for Disney Sea to be included in your list! If you’ve been to other Disneylands, just make a pass on Tokyo Disney Land. 🙂


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