Tokyo 2016 || Tokyo Disneyland

This post was supposed to go live a few days ago, but you know me and that thing called procrastination that has led to this crazy backlog (I haven’t even gotten close to finishing this blog’s clean up yet!). I am actually deciding on whether I should delete some of my social media accounts (or maybe just Twitter) because I sometimes feel overwhelmed with how time-consuming it is once you start scrolling down your feed. Maybe I will soon, but let’s see. 🙂

Our Day 2 in Tokyo started pretty early because I didn’t know if it was possible for Disneyland to run out of tickets for that day. Admittedly, I did not have the foresight to book the tickets in advance which would have saved us a lot of time and effort. Ha! I set up my alarm for 5 in the morning because I needed a few hours to convince myself to get my ass out of bed, take a bath, dry my hair, and fix my face. The moment that I woke, though, I saw the sun peeking at the edges of the curtains and literally scrambled off and checked the view outside, only to see people going on about their daily lives. I panicked at sleeping through my alarm, but when I checked my phone, I saw it was only 4:30. In the morning. And that my friends, is how I understood why Japan is ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’.

Getting to Tokyo Disneyland from the Chiyoda Line required one train change BUT a lot of walking. We asked for directions at Ayase Sta. but when we got off at the station we were told to get off, we forgot to which line we should transfer to and asked at the Fare Adjustment for help. We were told to ignore the previous instructions altogether, gave us the number of stops until we get to Tokyo Station (Nijubashi-mae Station in the Chiyoda Line) so we could get off there. After roughly thirty minutes of walking around until we got to the correct station, C and I finally got there!

Upon getting off at Maihama Sta., we weren’t able to find the Disney train line but found signage for those headed towards Tokyo Disneyland. We later found out that if we took the other exit, it would lead us directly to the train and for 210 YEN. Unfortunately, the cold weather from the previous day didn’t make anymore appearances throughout the day and we had to walk in scorching heat.

The queue to the ticket was very short, but since we arrived an hour before opening, we had to wait in line and just watch people. There were so many people in yukatas, costumes, and matching outfits! It wasn’t even just limited to kids but even full grown adults. Some teenagers even wore their school uniform to the park and were curling their hair with a portable curling iron (WHO KNEW THIS EVEN EXISTED!!!) while in line. We were not bored at all.

C even commented that in comparison with the rest of the park visitors, I look fairly normal in a black tutu skirt. Haha!

Look at that crowd!! As I’ve mentioned so many times before, I’m not a huge fan of big crowds. It makes me feel suffocated. T_T

Obviously, my first purchase went to buying this Minnie Mouse headband. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I liked trying on these things, and it happened to match my lips and bag. Bye, money!

We haven’t eaten anything yet, so we went to the nearest cafeteria for breakfast. If there’s a Disneyland tip I can give to anyone, it’s BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. They have picnic areas for those who have packed lunches and the food is just not worth the yen. Bleh.

We had calzones that were nearly empty of filling.

I happen to collect snow globes for all the countries I have visited with my own money. I went inside all of the souvenir shops in search for one only to find that ALL the Disney shops do not sell anything even resembling it (they checked their database so they can redirect me somewhere to no avail). 😦

Too much cuteness in one place!!

Ice cream costs 310 yen each. It was so hot that I had to eat mine quickly before my hands got too sticky.

Who forgot to bring her sunglasses? *raises hand*

Do not let looks deceive you – it tasted average at best.

There was a race kart kind of ride where the drivers only need to rely on the line to stay on their lane. C let me drive and he kept laughing at the fact that I kept swerving (C: Just like in real life!!! Hahaha). He does let me drive his car back home, so he can’t totally deem me an unsafe driver! 😛

C bought a churro, and if you watched the vlog I posted, it was hot and I ended up spraying sugar all over my clothes. At that moment, no one can tell that I’m an adult. Hahaha!

Awesome vending machines!

The queue to the turkey leg was quite long, even though there were two stalls side by side, so I decided I want to buy one. It was okay. (Ice cream is the only amusement park food that I like okay)

This is probably the best ride in this park. I personally like the Disney Sea rides better. 🙂

We decided not to wait for the fireworks as we’ve both been to Hong Kong DisneyLand before, and at that point, our feet were so sore we just wanted to rest. Apparently, a lot of the other visitors had the same idea and the train back to Tokyo was packed with park visitors like us.

We wanted to go to the ramen bar we saw the previous day, but we got totally lost on our way back from Tokyo Station to Nijubashi-mae Station. We were tired and hangry (hungry+angry), and had resorted to arguing over who knew the right directions. I had C ask for directions, but the guy pointed us to the opposite direction of where I remembered we came from, so we ended up going in circles. It took us twice the time to go back and we spent a quiet train ride together. When we got off at Ayase Station, we decided on another takeaway dinner from Kitchen Origin. I got this discounted meal because it was already late, yay! With our tummies filled with food and our feet free from the confines of new shoes (yup, dumb enough to break in new shoes at DisneyLand), we made up while binge watching Fresh Off the Boat until we fell asleep. 🙂

I was going to end this post with something cheesy like “at the end of the day, C is still the best person ever..” (and he is!), but there really are times when we get on each other’s last nerves. I find him annoying, and he tells me I’m too stubborn and bossy – even while on vacation. Luckily, we spend considerably less time pissed at each other and it is almost always outshined by all the best fun we have. ❤

Next up, touring Asakusa in yukata! 🙂

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