Motivation Mondays

Tomorrow marks the first day of my 100 days of fitness journey!

You may think to yourself, ‘what exactly is this girl talking about?’. It all started when I went on a check up with the doctor due to some body aches I’ve been feeling and was told that I had to lose weight because my BMI is at its all time high. Aside from not fitting into my itsy bitsy old clothes, it is also the cause for my chronic back pain. I started having stretch marks on my inner thighs and waist, and my underarms are starting to get darker. I have tried numerous times to switch to a healthier, but always end up failing due to temptation. So I decided on giving myself a date and something simple to start with. 🙂

The mechanics are simple (until I get hungry lol):

1. No rice. (It’s not fattening if you work out, but I don’t – so I’m staying away. I also went on a 50 day no rice diet prior to spending my birthday in Cebu two years ago and cue: look at that sexy body lol)

2. No junk foods.

3. No soft drinks.

I do know that it takes both a healthy diet and being physically active to lose weight. This exercise (get it? lol) is simply to get me started. I’ll be posting updates every Monday until June to keep myself in check. Wish me luck! 🙂

PS I’m thinking of moving to WordPress (here!). I have already set it up as you can see and have imported all my Tumblr posts. Half of my blogging friends have made the move and I’m thinking of doing the same.

Tumblr PRO/CON: Online friends and free hosting although they compress your photos/No reply feature and they compress your photos

WordPress PRO/CON: Bloggers over there seem to have more text-y posts that I enjoy and Categories (which isn’t something I wanna set up manually on Tumblr)/The $13 cost for domain mapping

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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