Casita Ysabel

Heyyy! How was your long weekend? Mine had been quite rainy, but it’s been very good to me! 🙂 C and I had been planning to go on a relaxing weekend getaway since last year and haven’t really managed to align our schedules until this past weekend. 2015 has been crazy and we both couldn’t remember the last time we just relaxed and spent the day lounging around doing nothing.

It took us 4 hours to get to Casita Ysabel from Cavite due to the weather. Fortunately, this place is on Waze (although you’ll easily pass by this place since it’s exact location in the app is a few hundred meters off).. what is unfortunate (for newbie drivers like me) is the steep narrow driveway leading to the charming place itself. Our reservations were understandable given the weather condition.

The reception area

This is where some of the rooms are located, as well as the dining area.

We were the only couple who wasn’t staying there with a group so we got this awesome corner table overlooking the resort and the sea.

We booked the KATRINA Seaside Balinese which was their beach front room, and the last room left when we were making our reservations.

The mattress was super comfy, although the drapes were a bit worn and had small holes in it.

Fleece blankets! Thank you very much.

The shower room is cramped. I don’t know how you guys shower, but I like to pretend I’m giving an all out performance whenever I do and I cannot perform half of my dance moves inside. The shower head is also worn so you’d have to hold it over your head. Not a fan.

The toilet even has more space than the shower room! Haha!

Bidet lovers rejoice!

Overall, C and I both agreed that the room itself isn’t something that we’d gladly shell out the same amount we paid for it. Half the price, maybe.

What we paid the premium for though is the ambiance. We felt so relaxed and disconnected with the world while we were there that time just flew by without us noticing.

The resort does not offer any ala carte meals and instead has steep full board meals per person. Understandable since the town is more than 11 kilometers away. However, they do not allow food bought outside within the premises aside from chips and snacks. There is also a corkage fee for alcoholic beverages.

Never mind that.. let’s just relax.

Snacks were included in the full board meal. C and I asked to have it on our front porch – yep, owning it for the weekend. Haha!

The beach is rocky which is typical of resorts in Anilao since the place is mainly a diving spot and not for frolicking by the sea.

If you think Casita Ysabel’s quaint charm is adorable in daylight, the night time turns it into one huge romantic scene from a chick flick!

Pumpkin Soup

Unlimited rice in every meal.. that we didn’t avail of.

If I ever go back to Casita Ysabel though, it wouldn’t be because of the room or the general ambiance. It would be for their massage services! Do yourself a favor and book one when you stay here. Spa coma!

Breakfast consisted of bread you will toast yourself, an assortment of jam, pineapple and mango slices, the choice of water or coffee, and this plated rice meal.

I posted this photo on Instagram and on Facebook (by the way, I took the leap and made a Facebook page for my blog!).. and before I knew it, I had so many people asking me where this was.

Spent my entire Sunday lounging by the sea in my swimsuit.. and a fleece blanket. Haha! We had orange juice while we read.

This is literally a candid photo of me and my entire Sunday. Haha!

I tried to go swimming once.. and failed because you can’t really go out to the sea without your slippers on (I only had one pair with me and I’m afraid it would get lost in the water). Or risk getting bruised feet.

Chicken boy decided to stay behind and take photos while I went out for a swim.

…didn’t even get very far.

The price may be something of a turn off – frankly, I have paid less for way more (The Henry Hotel, Cambana d’Angkor Suites, and even the villa we stayed in Cagayan Valley was a few hundred bucks cheaper). But Casita Ysabel did deliver on our goal for the weekend: relax and rejuvenate. 🙂

The entire place being Instagram-mable doesn’t hurt too. 😉

Wishing for more road trips and long weekends with this one. ❤

You can watch our adventure below! Enjoy!

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