Figtree Cafe



My handsome date
My handsome date
Chicken Pastel
Lechon Kawali

This place looked really cute from the outside and it took a while and a lot of pouting to get my way, uhm, I mean get C to try it out with me. The ambiance is superb and honestly, I even started to include it in my list of places where to hold my birthday party in.. That is until we tried out the food. C and I are unfortunately huge fans of salty food, and that is probably the reason why we found the taste lacking.


So I ordered a cheesecake to cheer us up. It tasted quite nice although my gripe about it is that the texture started changing the nearer we were to the narrow part of the slice (middle of the cake).. So yup. Probably not somewhere C and I will be going back to soon.

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