#ProjectSursuroy: Canyoneering at Badian + Kawasan Falls + Pescador Island

Hello, Monday! No seriously, everything in this post happened on a Monday as well. What a great coincidence right? 🙂 We all crashed from exhaustion (and our late flight the day prior the start of the tour), that I wasn’t able to take photos of our accommodation. We were checked in at Brumini Resort in Oslob and it was included in the tour package. The rooms we got though were dorm type ones located farthest from the beach (and nearest to the highway) with a shared bathroom, but they do have cottages and pool-side villas.

Our room!


We woke up early to catch the sunrise, eat breakfast, and double check our packed bags (I had the sibs pack their bags before sleeping as well – for minimal hassle).

I think the downside of staying in hotels or resorts in tourist spots is paying premium for average things. We had dinner in one of the supposedly ‘cheaper’ eateries (not the resort’s restaurants), and I paid Php 600 for a 3-person dinner. Meh. It happens.

We had free ‘buffet’ breakfast before checking out.. but no coffee available. Haha!

Our first activity for the day was Canyoneering at Badian. We parked inside church grounds, and *SPOILER ALERT* – the water you see in the river behind us is from the Kawasan Falls. You do see now where I’m going with this right?

We took photos while waiting for the habal habal to pick us up and bring us to the drop off point! It was a shorter ride than the one to Osmeña Peak.

Again, I do not have a lot of photos here as I prefer to document jumping off to deep waters on video. It’s actually the first jump that’s hardest.. and the really high ones because the moment you step into the edge is when you really see how high it is. We still jumped, though! You can take a pass on the higher jumps, but the little sis did all the high jumps. I’m so proud!

It’s quite an experience! I’m already planning to go back and bring C! He likes this kind of things as well and it would be fun to have him jump the 50-ft jump before me. Haha!

The Kawasan Falls had three tiers, and this was the last one. We also had our ‘recovery meal’ here which was great because all that jumping and swimming and trekking really tired us out.

I suggest going canyoneering in a smaller group (4 is a good number). Our tour group had 15 people in it, and it took us a few more hours than expected to finish because the guides all had to ensure that everyone stayed in the same place while waiting for everyone to jump. We didn’t have a lot of time in Pescador Island due to this and saw no turtles nor dolphins. 😦

It also rained while we were on the boat which caused the big waves. We all unconsciously clutched to our life vests tighter until we got back to the shore.

Even though I feel like this tour could have been better (the weather wasn’t cooperating, unfortunately), my first venture to South Cebu is well worth all the buwis buhay moments! I do plan on going back with C, but maybe with a different itinerary. I’d really like to see the turtles and dolphins!

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