Hello, it’s me – on night shift! I don’t think I knew what I signed up for when I went on night shift.. because damn, it’s so hard to sleep during the day. It’s sweltering (tropical country whut), it’s noisy, and definitely not something I’m accustomed to. I have had jet lag before so I’m simply going to pray my body clock soon allows me to shift ‘time zones’. 🙂


(I felt the need to justify myself so here you go. SPOILER: Selfie overload!)

Good thing I have this handy dandy foundation to cover up my tired skin! I have tried different foundations but I find that MUFE works best on my face. It may or may not be the way I apply it, but my non-professional self can apply the foundation and make it look like second skin! I also got a shade that matches my skin perfectly –


Left: with makeup, right: removed my makeup (the mirror is dirty, hence the white spots on my lips)


I like that it comes in an easy to use pump bottle, however, I’m a bit concerned that when it runs low, I wouldn’t be able to maximize all of it. Let’s see once I get to that point, though! The price is more expensive than your drugstore makeup as it retails for Php 2,700, but seeing as I put it on my face every day, I’ll pay for the great quality.


When I use it when I go to work or go on dates, I don’t really apply any primer with it. My makeup routine ensures that it lasts me the whole time I’m not home, and I do have minimal shine with it on. However, I find that it works well with primers with moisturizing properties since it emphasizes dry skin when applied on a bare face. I have oily skin on most days, so it’s not a problem for me. However, I used it in combination with Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer – Hydrating Primer (the sampler that came with it) when I had to go to a masquerade ball – and it did not melt off my face the entire night (up to the wee hours of the following day).


My eyebrow makeup skill is still a work in progress.


Will I buy this again? Definitely! I’m even thinking of getting the full-sized hydrating primer for the days that my skin’s drier than the desert!

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