Neil’s Kitchen (Part 2)

When the sibs were younger, they hated tagging along to my dates with C because they didn’t like being the third wheel. When they realized how much we liked eating out and shopping, they started aligning their schedule with ours to turn our dates into family day lol. Although C and I became a couple in the latter part of 2009, he’s been bringing goodies (donuts, ice cream, etc.) whenever he visits me at home “as a friend” since 2008 which effectively won over the sibs (they were chiding me to just be with him already hahaha).

BBQ Pork Belly with Java Rice (Php 395)
Chicken of the South “Alabang Fried Chicken” with gravy rice (Php 395)

On one of our ‘family days’ (C and my brother has a tendency to wear matching outfits since my brother usually shops with C), we brought the sibs to Neil’s Kitchen. It was a win-win situation because they have HUGE servings and I wanted to try out other dishes. Chicken boy surprised everyone by not ordering chicken since he fell in love with their sinigang paella, so my sister who has the same food preferences as C fyi, ordered the chicken. She loved it but preferred the sinigang paella as well. Tristan ordered the pork belly while I tried out their bagoong paella. Both dishes are flavorful and something I’d order again.. if the sinigang paella is not available. Haha!

Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly (Php 350)
Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare (Php 395)
Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare (Php 395)


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