Seoul Garden Hotpot

I’m a huge fan of Korean food. I don’t think I may have emphasized that enough in this blog. Haha! There are so many Korean restaurants (and Koreans as well) in Cavite that eating out in one located at a mall seems like a lame attempt on authentic Korean cuisine.


C and I were roaming around The District – Imus when we decided to try it out. But we’re not huge fans of hotpot so no hotpot for us. Haha! C had their crispy fried chicken with noodles while I had one of their bibimbap with a twist. One thing you must know about me is my parents trained me to finish everything on my plate.. but I didn’t finish mine because the flavors were so unremarkable that I had to ask for condiments to mix it with. However, C’s order tasted great! I was taking spoonfuls of his noodle soup all throughout our meal that he kept asking me if I wanted to switch orders. I guess it’s because he couldn’t eat in peace. 😛 It’s actually one of the things I love about this guy – it’s like having a ‘best friends with really good benefits’ kind of relationship. He teases me, annoys me, and has all these little quirks that frankly, I can live without, but it makes him him. And that’s more than enough for me. 🙂

Chicken Bulggogi Bap (Php 248)
Dak go gi myon without the soup (Php 248)


Shots (I honestly can’t remember how it tasted like sorry lol)

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