Al-Shams (Part 2)

Hummus (Php 145)

I don’t think C and I will ever get tired of great tasting Middle Eastern cuisine. I’m not sure how authentic ones should taste like, but C and I visit Al-Shams whenever we have the craving for it. We tried out a new dish which was the Beef Korma. It’s a good thing that they ask the level of spiciness for spicy dishes (that sounds redundant even in my head) because I’m not a huge fan of burning hot dishes (read: Crying Tiger). It’s good! C ordered chapati as well, which I dipped into the beef sauce when my rice ran out. We didn’t get to finish everything though because we were too full. FOOD COMAAAAAAA

Chicken Tikka (Php 240)
Chicken Tikka (Php 240)

I wish I can always apply this method in my life – just try out everything and leave every fear behind. People think I’m like that, and in a way I guess I am. I enjoy trying out new things, but I don’t like having to.. get people to pay for my services. Oh gosh, that did not sound like that in my head. Haha! What I meant, though, is that I do not have the same level of confidence that I usually have when people ask me to do something for them for a price – like bake a cake or write for them. C is always pushing me to take pastry orders or accept writing prompts, but I’m always hesitant to put a price tag on it because there’s this nagging thought of “what if it’s not good enough?”. So yeah, no talent for bullshitting here. Sigh. Maybe it’s a good idea for a resolution this year? 🙂

Beef Korma (Php 350)
Beef Korma (Php 350)

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