Cafe Breton

Tuna Salad Sandwich
Chicken Run
Original Sin

Hiii everyone! How’s your first working day for 2016? 🙂 Having asked that, I realized how much my blog grew with me. At least half the people I interact with here in Tumblr have been my online friends since I was still in the university. I remember how we all had this collective hatred of Mondays, or how we vent about dreadful subjects.. We exchanged online shop details on where to get the best deal for makeup and clothes. You guys read about my struggle to find a job, I read about everyone else’s problems as well. And recently I realized that the same people have gotten married and are starting their own families. It’s wonderful to think that I witnessed all of your lives unfold, albeit in a virtual way, and you guys have done the same with mine! How exciting!

So yep, I guess that it’s sufficient to say that I enjoy people watching – a less intrusive (a bit stalker-ish haha) way of watching people live their lives. Cafe Breton in Greenbelt has the perfect vantage point for this kind of shenanigan, that C and I spend so much time hanging out there when we just want to chill. Oh, and their crepes are nice too! 😉

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