Benefit The POREfessional

I’m admittedly not a makeup expert.. I just happen to be vain enough to enjoy putting a load of products on my face, and just recently, I ventured into getting myself a primer. The primary function of primers (see what I did there? lol) is to ensure that your makeup lasts a while. Benefit takes it a notch higher by promising to minimize your pores as well – so when I went to get my brows done, I bought one! Diane (my one and only brow lady), has been using this on my face every time she does my entire makeup (I know, A+ for customer service) after doing my brows. I usually go to the store bare faced since they’ll be wiping off part of your make up anyway.. and what am I saying, I just went off tangent there. Haha! So here we go..



My two cents..

It’s weird – and I hope you guys (and girls) can see this from my perspective, but that was my exact thought upon application since it’s a bit thicker than my foundation, and yet when applied directly to your face, it’s kind of putting on a film over your skin. I followed Diane’s advice to mix a pea-sized amount of primer with my liquid foundation. I find that it works best with my face that way – and also because I’m too lazy to wait a while before applying my foundation. Haha! However, my unpredictable skin, which is oily 90% of the time, has crazy bouts of dryness. I stay away from this product when my face is dry since it emphasizes how dry it is and my skin looks, for the lack of better term, flaky. So moisturize properly, girls (and guys)!


One of my favorite things about it is that it keeps the shine at bay. I have a good oil-free face for 6-8 hours, depending on the humidity of this tropical country I live in before I have to go blot my face. I’m not that sure if it has something to do with my foundation or the powder I use, though, but together, they work really well. 🙂 My pores aren’t much of a bother for me, and honestly, I do not see a big difference to their size with or without the primer. So there’s that. But since it’s not really that high up on my priorities, we’re good.


I also got this free sample-sized Air Patrol with the purchase but I haven’t used it yet. 😛





Will I buy it again?

I’m quite satisfied with it overall, and a little amount goes a long way. I probably would buy it again unless I try out another primer that works like magic. 😛

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