#ProjectSursuroy + Cebu City Tour + Bohol Countryside Tour

Dear mom,

In the letter you left me, you told me you were so proud of me for accomplishing so much for my age. You have instilled wanderlust in me from a young age, and with your support, I pursued it once I started earning my own money. It’s Day 35 now, and our first new year without you. You always cook carbonara for NYE, so Tin cooked some because I was down with the flu. I hope I made you proud that I can afford to bring both my siblings on a 5-day trip. I know now why you were so practical when we travel, it’s different when you’re paying for a number of people hehe. I still wish I got to bring you places when you were alive, the way you and dad did. I just hope that you were there in spirit. 🙂

It’s going to be tough mom. I still miss you every day. And I know that we’ll have countless more New Years where I’ll long for your carbonara, your gelatin, and whatever you decide to experiment on in the kitchen. I guess the only consolation now is that you get to travel for free (hahaha) and you’re not in pain anymore. I’ll think of you every time I get on a plane, the same way I do whenever I wander without you. At least now I don’t have to Viber you the photos because you can see it from heaven. 🙂

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