As I mentioned from this post, C and I are ticking off restaurants from a list we found online. It’s actually funny that we ALWAYS pass by SALT since it’s near his office, but we never went to investigate. Due to the list, we tried a couple of Mondays to find the restaurant closed.. only to learn later that it’s closed on Mondays. Hahahaha!

Country Fried Chicken (Php 180)
Onion Rings
Grilled Tuna (Php 220)
Caesar Salad to go

I think what’s nice about this restaurant is it got known by word of mouth. It’s located in the middle of a residential slash red light district – and the exterior is a house with a simple sign outside that says SALT. The food itself is great, considering the huge servings as well as the affordable prices (cost per person ranges from Php 150-300). Everything was pretty simple, no gimmicks, just good food. It’s quite refreshing. We didn’t get to try their desserts though because we were so full already, but I had the Caesar Salad to go for work. Maybe next time we’ll try their sweets? 🙂


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