Beni’s Falafel + Crepe Amelie

C and I are always hanging out in the Poblacion area and have managed to single out the places that were our favorite. Whenever we couldn’t think of any new restaurants to try out, we end up with ones that have been tried and tested already. We decided to have dinner at Beni’s Falafel, and C was very happy with it until he found out that it’s all veggies. Hahaha!

Falafel from Beni’s Falafel

We capped off the night with dessert at Crepe Amelie. The interior of Crepe Amelie had always been inviting, especially in the mornings (they open at 7 AM), and we actually have it as an inspiration for our future house’s breakfast nook. 🙂

Crepe from Crepe Amelie
Crepe from Crepe Amelie


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