Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

C and I are usually in the Poblacion area where his office is nearby. So listicle lover me made this one some sort of checklist (5 out of 15 as of writing). Haha! I know this is a vague description, but being in Crying Tiger gave us the feeling of being smack right in the middle of hipsterville. I guess it was all those multicolored bulbs, giving off the old Asian movie bar scene lighting, above colorful steel (?) chairs and wooden tables. There are wooden crates attached to the wall behind the bar that serves both as a décor and as an alcohol cabinet of some sort. Brightly painted walls, plastic floral plates for your food, and a blackboard menu wall, seemingly all the Asian themes in one place. Haha!

Tofu dish which I totally forgot the name of

The food is great, although a tad spicy.. and by spicy, I meant that I was Taylor Swift in the second half of Blank Space, mascara all over my face, by the time I was done with my tofu dish. It was that spicy! Chicken boy enjoyed his Thai Fried Chicken, and he gave me a piece to try but I can’t taste anything because my taste buds were on fire. Haha!

Gai Tod (Php 180)

As we were walking back to where he parked his car, we passed by a Korean grocery and I insisted on buying ice cream to soothe my taste buds. It was yummy!

Korean ice cream sandwich (Php 50)

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